Thursday, November 5, 2009

DIY Dressing Frame Storage, Puzzle Storage

I finally remembered to take pictures. Every time I go to Goodwill they seem to have several varieties of wire and plastic file holders. I have picked up several lately as they are good for displaying materials in the upright position. I had previously been rotating the dressing frames. However, the consensus on my What Should be Left Out post was overwhelmingly to not put materials away when possible but to build the collection.

I picked one of the wire ones and had my husband cut out alternating wires so that it had five rather than nine (they are otherwise too close together). Afterward, he had to smooth out the sharp knobs with a file.

Voila! Dressing frame storage: $1.

I think most homeschoolers do not own every possible dressing frame, but a selection of the ones that were most important. We only have snaps, buckles, large buttons and small buttons. I actually don't recommend dressing frames at all, and would recommend making "dressing vests" for each task instead..I think they would get more use. Anyway, if you did own more than four frames, you would just need one more file holder. They DO sell wire holders at Office Max/Depot that are already spaced this way, but they are $16.

Another handy use for them in a pinch is to store botany and zoology puzzles.

Also, they are useful for obvious things like Handwriting Without Tears templates.

The boys just went down for naps and I do NOT feel like doing anything productive. So...what will it be? Margaret Homphrey videos or Desperate Housewives? Desperate Housewives it is.

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  1. So what would a dressing vest look like? I'm trying to picture what you mean.
    Nice storage idea!

  2. Chaucey,

    You can peak at some dressing vests here:

    Another blogger posted about them here: