Tuesday, November 17, 2009


The boys in our home have a new favorite after-dinner activity...all three of them.

Daddy picked up some new puzzles at the dollar store. He bought some for himself and some for Kal-El (Me Too already has all of Kal-El's puzzles to grow into).

The dollar store is not the best place to buy a preschooler puzzles because some brands have warped pieces and pieces Kal-El has already put together come apart as he adds on the the puzzle.

However, he persevered and finished his biggest puzzle to date...63 pieces. I'm sure that isn't setting any records but we were all proud nevertheless.

My husband warned me that the dinner table wasn't big enough for all three of them to do their own puzzles. He said he would keep Me Too busy for a while, but asked if I could get something special ready to do with Me Too so he wouldn't feel left out. While I pulled some things out of my secret stash Daddy gave Me Too two bowls. He filled the left-hand bowl with puzzle pieces and the left the right-hand bowl empty. The first night Me Too transferred pieces back and forth from bowl to bowl for an hour. My husband was in the early stages of his puzzle and was sorting pieces into bowls according to color. Me Too fit right in.

I came in after ten minutes or so and told Me Too I had a special surprise. Could he come help me? He said "No, I'm busy. I'm doing puzzles."

Me Too has sat with the big guys for the past four nights "doing puzzles." Once Daddy passed the sorting stage Me Too moved on as well. Instead of simply transferring he chooses one piece. Then, he chooses a piece from the bowl on the left and tries every way he can to make it fit with his piece. When he has exhausted all possibilities he puts it in the bowl on his right and chooses a new piece from the bowl on the left. He continues until the bowl on the left is empty, then he requests a new bowl. How many adults would work at a puzzle for four hours, never once connecting two pieces, would want to continue? I feel like we are torturing him, but he seems so happy. I would love to give him some "real work" to do...a puzzle at a more appropriate level...but he will have nothing to do with it.

In other news, I took out my digital autoharp today. After a couple minutes of instruction Kal-El spent most of the afternoon and evening singing the song from the original Spiderman series and accompanying himself on the autoharp. Don't worry...we took video.

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  1. I love puzzle phases :) On another note, what in the world does a digital Autoharp look like? I have a real Autoharp (ah, the magic of craigslist) but I Cyuslky think it's harder to play than the guitar.

  2. Me-too's perserverence and patience is to be admired in one so young:)