Tuesday, November 3, 2009

School Day

As you can see, Me Too decided to report to school dressed as a dog today. There has been renewed interest in the dressing frames this week due to a new stand we came up with for them. I keep forgetting to take a picture.

Kal-El warmed up with cylinder block two, blindfolded.

Both boys are enjoying the land and water globe.

Me Too, in particular, is on a geography kick. My husband let him into the living room this weekend (otherwise known as "The Land of Things Mommy is Saving For Later) and Me Too found the Map of the Continents. I haven't put it in the school room yet because I am waiting for our Globe of the Continents to arrive from Adena first (backordered). I wanted to do the Globe of Continents and then do the thing where you draw it on an orange, then peel the orange and then introduce the flat map. My husband let him work with it anyway and Me Too can now get the pieces in and out just fine. He likes to ask the name of everything and then repeat it. He sounds very cute when he says "Asia." In school today he recognized that the areas of "land" are things that should have names. He created a "game" in which he points to a continent, asks its name, repeats it, then spins the globe hard, says "and it's gone!" then asks the next continent.

Kal-El continued his exploratory work with the moveable alphabet. He says "it's hard to find the letters in that box!" I pointed out that they were in alphabetical order and he was pretty happy about that. He asked to spell a word today so I handed him the "bat" from today's object box and he spelled it. He asked me for help finding the middle sound, but found the beginning and ending sound himself. Then he points to each letter and says it's name and then says the word. I have NOT asked him to do this and know I am not supposed to, it's his own addition. He is definitely "remembering" what he spelled, not reading it. Otherwise, he is mostly just working on orienting himself to the box...being able to find letters and put them back. He likes to make a huge, long nonsense word then read it back twice...first by letter name, then by letter sound. He is slower with lowercase than uppercase so he'll need to spend some time doing this for a while. You can see that his nonsense words starts with "bat" and just keeps going right off the rug.

I put out a new bead stringing activity with smaller beads and some wire-like string they sell in the beading section of the craft store. It was for Kal-El, but Me Too took it over. I was sure the holes would have been too small for him, but the stiff string must have compensated. The beads were little boats, cars, trains, and airplanes. Kal-El began a necklace shortly before naps and has saved it in a basket for after naps.

Kal-El did an ending sound sort involving a digraph.

Me Too worked on taking drawers in and out of the geometric cabinet for a very long time. He also did the presentation tray, the circle drawer, and the rectangle drawer. He insisted on sitting on my lap for half of today's session. He didn't want me to help him or talk to him, he just wanted me to be his personal recliner. He finally gave it up after doing cylinder block three that way. Hopefully he realized how terribly hard it is to do his work that way.

Kal-El did a pouring activity with water and some tangrams in addition to the other activities.

I was surprised that neither of them showed the least bit of interest in the new salt tray I made. I'm sure I'll get a chance to show it off later this week.

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