Thursday, November 19, 2009

School Day

The boys have been keeping me so busy in the school room lately and I have been doing some of my "own work" while they work. As a result, I have really only had time to take pictures about once a week this month. Here are some pictures from today's time in the school room so you can see what we have been doing this week.

I finished reading Montessori in the Classroom last week (loved it, put it on my Christmas list). Polk-Lillard mentioned that her students tend to start with an "easy" work at the beginning of the work period and worked up to their "great work of the day." I have been noticing the same pattern with the boys after having my attention brought to it. It has helped me relax considerably because most other educational resources encourage starting with the "most difficult work." My boys like to warm up with practical life for a while.

Me Too with the Sew 'n' Sew.

Then lacing beads.

Kal-El arranging flowers.

Modeling "mommy's necklace for the day."

Culture/Practical Life: learning to use a tweezers. Also learned about "indian corn," "kernels." He learned the the kernels are the seeds and has the idea that he will plant them later. I said the farmer would plant them in the dirt and he corrected me saying they should be planted in the "soil." He keeps trying to use the tweezers with a full-hand grip, the same trouble we are having with scissors.

After tweezing, Kal-El undressed Jake, hung the clothesline, hung the clothes (he has graduated to "mini" clothespins), removed them and dressed Jake again (I helped with that part).

While he worked, Me Too took a turn with the tweezers. He did just as well as Kal-El.

After gorging on practical life, the boys both worked with the geometric cabinet. I think Kal-El may be ready for the constructive triangles. He took apart the triangle drawer and was futilely trying to make a "rhombus" and a "rectangle" with them. I thought I had a lot more time before I needed those. Shoot.

Afterwards, they both moved on to language and stuck with it through to lunch. I ordered full-sized sandpaper letters and introduced /r/, /a/, and /m/ to Me Too today. Kal-El has been using the set of lowercase and uppercase that come together. I didn't get any pictures because I was busy presenting.

Today his object boxes held an alligator, motorcycle, ring and a flute. He had to pretend to play the flute and hum a little flutey song, he couldn't resist.

Kal-El knows Me Too hates it when he touches his special box of phonics objects. After Me Too had finished with them today (he successfully completed stage two of I Spy, at least for those four letters), Kal-El hid in the corner with them and matched them to a mix of his own and his brother's sandpaper letters. He doesn't have a mat because he is hiding and knew if he brought one out Me Too would know something was up.

I used school to convince Kal-El to take off his Spiderman costume for once. I told him it was dirty and needed to be washed. Would he please take it off and put on something clean for school?

Kal-El completed this ending sound sort.

His "great work of the day" was the salt tray. This is the first time I have taken photos of the new one I made. The old one was only a centimeter or so deep and the boys could not shake it themselves. I made this one by painting the bottom of a 12 X 12 shadow box navy blue. It is the exact same size as our small moveable alphabet.

Lowercase /l/

Lowercase /b/

Number 12

Interesting things that were said today:

Kal-El: hands me the the phonogram /ee/, "take this, I don't want it on my shelf anymore."
Me: "Me Too might need it, please put it back in its box."
Kal-El: "I don't want it in my box. I don't need that one."

Hmmmm.... What do you do when they say something like that?

Kal-El spun in circles in the family room until he feel over and hurt his shoulder. He was very angry about it.

Kal-El: "Mommy! I'm very angry at this house! I was spinning in a circle and the whole house tipped sideways and fell me down!"

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  1. ROFL!!! The house fell me down, bless him, that is hilarious!

  2. I'm with Klyie that is soo funny!!! I love the idea of using a shadow box it looks great! Have a great week.

  3. What a lovely school room you have!
    All the activities are very interesting & the photos are very nice!