Friday, November 6, 2009

School Days and Projects

Work & Play, Day By Day

It has been a very busy week full of doctors appointments, projects and school days.
All of the children's books are entered into LibraryThing and I started another LibraryThing project I will unveil over the weekend. I also have all the Dewey decimal labels on their books through letter "D."

I have been working on continent boxes (you guessed it) and I spent the afternoon today making photo glossaries of our Toob animals. I want to make sure that when asked I can tell the moose from the elk. Also, because they are continually borrowed as part of our phonics objects collection and will be used for future biome work, I need a good record of what we have. I will post the photo glossaries for you all to use when I am done.

After a chiropractor appointment this morning, I built two extra shelves (enough for four baskets) to add to the boys' dress-up cabinet. We were already overflowing and I had some things I wanted to get out of "The Land of Things Mommy is Saving for Later" (dining room).

Here are some photos I snapped of the boys working in the school room throughout the week. I think they wore the same clothes everyday this week (they were still clean!) so it looks like it was all the same day.

Me Too worked with his Beginner Pattern Blocks/Tangrams for the first time.

He also actually built (voluntarily and correctly, but just once) the pink tower. See the expression on his face? He is silently taunting me.

I took advantage of the 70% fall flowers/bushes at Michael's this week and Kal-El was a flower-arranging fiend!

I used a new little box I picked up at Goodwill to create a special place for "I Spy" objects to use with Me Too. He is in I Spy stage one, and doesn't "get it" yet. He loves his own special box of objects. He told Daddy all about "my objects" when he came home the first night. I change them every night, these are from the first day and you can see we have r a m f represented by a raccoon, alligator, mouse, and frog respectively.

Kal-El makes me a new necklace everyday. Everyday I put it on and he tells me I'm beautiful and I wear it with pride (at home!) all day.


  1. I love Me-Too's box of treasures! It's such a simple thing in some ways, but its amazing how they pick up on the specialness of something!

  2. I love how proud Me-Too looks with the pink tower way to go!!! Kal -El looks like he puts his full attention into his work. Is he a fairly quiet guy or can he be loud and crazy? In your pictures of him I imagine him as a quiet worker not sure why. Have a great week!

  3. When my husband is home he likes roughhousing a bit, but Kal-El is a pretty quiet boy. Very serious, does not like to be teased, but has a funny sense of humor.