Monday, November 2, 2009

When Dinosaurs Attack!

I had a box of dinosaurs hidden in the one gated room in our house to give to the boys at a later date. A neighbor gave them to us when he was cleaning out his basement. Despite the fact that we seem to have every toy under the sun already, we oddly did not have any dinosaurs. I never picked any up because I wasn't sure how a little kid is supposed to play with them. How do you "play dinosaurs" anyway? The only activity I could think of that dinosaurs might do was attack one another and I always thought that was a little violent for a toddler or preschooler.

So, the dinosaurs remained hidden in the living room...until yesterday. My husband was home and I was out while the boys "took their naps" yesterday. He apparently watched a movie and had all the doors shut and didn't hear Kal-El make multiple trips between his bedroom and the living room where Daddy left the gate open. When I arrived home and went to Kal-El's room to tell him he could come out and play I found a disaster. He had unmade his bed and strewn the bedding across the floor. He emptied his dress-up cabinet and spread its contents on the floor. And finally, he had taken his coat tree, laid it on the floor, and dismantled it into three pieces using his toy tool kit. I decided to go get Daddy who was less likely to completely lose his temper. Kal-El is fast. He completely reassembled and righted the coat tree in the minute it took me to get my husband and return. My husband was cool-headed enough to ask him some questions. He found out "why" Kal-El had destroyed his room (to make it look like "outside." ???) and made it clear what he was and wasn't allowed to do with his furniture and the contents of his cabinets. Then we saw this...

We both laid our eyes on the bear and the dinosaurs at the same time and completely cracked up laughing. The bear is "Bobo." He has been Kal-El's true love since he was a very little baby. Kal-El knows he isn't supposed to go into the living room, and doubly knows that he isn't supposed to take the "things Mommy is saving for later" out of their boxes.

Many times in the past we have received photos from others of their kids doing something naughty. We've always said, "Why are they taking a picture of this when what they should be doing is disciplining them?" We have now become those parents.

By the way, it should be noted that I was right. The only thing a child can come up with to "do" with dinosaurs is to attack something, even when their only exposure to dinosaurs has been Dinosaur Train on PBS, even when the victim is their lovey.

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  1. It looks like horror movie! Poor Bobo:( He has been through so much will he ever be able to forgive Kal-el?

    At our house the dinosaurs get into the play farm's fields and eat the corn. It's a regular occurence and you haven't really played farm until the dinosaurs get into the corn.