Saturday, December 5, 2009

Glue Stick

Kal-El is all about the glue stick lately. He even slept with one the other day. (I was not happy when I realized what happened. That could have been a mess.)

This week he made Paper Bag Puppets.

He looks a little like Rhett Butler here because he has a cocoa mustache that shows up much better in the full-quality photo than this compressed one.

Speaking of glue sticks, most of his experience in using one has been gained in the school room. Each week I separate a few sandpaper letters for him to review tracing properly. After he traces them he builds them with his HWT wood pieces, draws them in the salt tray, then glues a pre-punched letter into his sound book. (He likes to do this so we just keep doing the sound books over again when he completes one.) From the very first time he has insisted on applying the glue in the same order as the proper strokes for the letter. I know this isn't perfect because when he applies the glue it is applied to the back of the letter, but I thought it was nice how gluing in the letter is continuing to reinforce his writing. I haven't noticed this causing any reversals.

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