Thursday, December 17, 2009

My "Invention"

Sooo...after thinking about it for waaaaay too long this is what I came up with to provide a place for the boys to display the Christmas cards we receive.

It could be a lot better and I make no promises that it will hold up. Basically, as you can see, this is two big pieces of 12X18 drawing paper cut as if you are about to weave a paper placemat. (Everyone did that craft in elementary school, right?). Folded cards can be hung by slipping the back half into any of the slits. The more popular one-piece photo cards are clipped to any of the slits with a mini-clothespin. We happen to be using mini-clothespins in the school room right now so I was looking for a way to expand on that work because they haven't been choosing it.

I finally thought of this idea this morning and it took me two minutes to cut the slits in the paper. I taped it to the window with non-Christmassy blue painters tape. Anyone who put slightly more time into this could make one much nicer. Make it from wrapping paper? Red or Green construction paper? Have the kids put stickers on it? Have the kids fingerpaint them first?

I have to make a couple more because it filled up quickly. I don't know how long it will be before it rips. Making one from fabric or felt might be a better idea and would work just as well if you could keep it up on the window somehow.

Other ideas I had were to have some kind of clothesline on the wall or across the windows. I could have used rope, string or wire. However, I didn't want to put holes in the walls. I thought of tying string or picture wire to suction cup hooks across the windows so you could see out. Unfortunately instead of visions of sugarplums this idea gave me visions of the boys choking each other or hanging themselves.

How do you display your Christmas cards? If you have blogged about it feel free to throw a link up in the MckLinky below.

Behind Kal-El in the picture you can see the box from his new Playmobile Fire Engine. This was a gift from his uncle and he won't put it away. I think he's sleeping with it tucked under his little arm right now. Today he said:

Mommy, I don't want any more presents. This fire engine is the best present I've ever had. I love it and I don't need any more gifts.
Anyway, there is probably some really slick version of this that already exists somewhere. I'm sure I'm not the first person to do this, but I'm too tired to go look.

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  1. In my classroom, I use a line to hang our wet cloths. I did it exactly how you said - two sticky hooks with yarn tied inbetween. Because I have the yarn flat against a wall, no one has accidentally hanged themselves yet. I think this is your best bet. It's sturdy enough to hold wet cloths, bit will definitely come a-tumbling if a substantial amount of weight is put on it.