Monday, December 14, 2009

Post Office

There is nothing quite like the line at a U.S. post office within ten days of Christmas. The line this morning was all the way out the door. I would estimate that I started with 25 people ahead of me in line. When we were about halfway through the line, Me Too filled his diaper and I'm sure everyone could smell him. Kal-El announced loudly that he had to pee. Both of them asked everyone if they knew that germs live inside your nose and that they are green.

The post office has no bathrooms.

After posting our packages I decided to walk across the street with the boys to the coffee shop to use their bathrooms. This sounded like a better plan than buckling Me Too into his seat and smashing the source of his mysterious odor into his nether-regions or taking a bet on on whether or not Kal-El could hold it. This would have been much easier if all the transitions from sidewalk to road were not buried in waist-high snowbanks. The city apparently decided it was necessary to clear the sidewalks but not the corners.

The bathroom had no changing table so I had to put Me Too's changing pad on the floor (ewww, gross. Touching the floor in a public restroom). While I was doing this Kal-El made an executive decision to remove his snowboots before getting on the toilet. I changed his socks immediately when we got home.

I felt like I had to buy something since we came in to use the restroom so I purchased a mocha latte. Advice: when walking with two small boys, order the small latte and have them put it in the large cup. As I struggled back across the high-traffic, slush-filled road holding a small mittened hand in each of mine and a cup of coffee latte squirted out all over my jeans and diaper tote with each step.

The barista (can a barista be a "he" or should he be a "baristo"? I've never heard anyone say "baristo" but barista doesn't seem right) asked if I wanted whipped cream on, more like whiskey!


  1. Oh, the joys of motherhood!
    Must have been a difficult morning, but hopefully you can smile about it one day when you read this post again!
    Take Care

  2. I was in the scrapbook store a couple of weeks ago when a young mother walked in with her toddler and the same thing happened.

    And yes, we ALL could smell it:( At least you know you are not the only one!

    These things always happen at the least convenient times.

    Another tip: Avoid the post office in December by any means possible. Even if that means you have to get it there yourself on horseback.


  3. Las aventuras de un dia con mama!!!!!lol; No me rio de ti, sino contigo!!. Seguramente, cuando te sientas en la noche con una tacita de chocolate caliente y leas lo que "posteastes" saldra alguna sonricita!! Verdad???, espero que si... por que aveces no las podemos pasar de otra!!!.... y lo que me falta!!, verdad??

  4. This made me smile. It brought back lots of warm memories of similar situations!