Thursday, December 17, 2009

What DID We Do All Day?

We had a busy and fun day today. The morning started with visiting Daddy at work. We only do this a couple times a year and it is pretty exciting.

When we returned home the boys worked on some art.

Afterwards, I brought out new LeapFrog Magnetic Alphabet Set. Kal-El loved our old one so much it didn't work anymore. It still played the alphabet but wouldn't identify the letter or say the sound. Me Too liked it anyway and could often be seen carrying it around listening. I also brought out something totally new, the Word Whammer Fridge Phonics. I picked this up when I bought the new alphabet set because the Word Whammer uses lowercase and the letters are compatible. I packed away the uppercase letters for now (because I don't want Kal-El putting capital letters in the middle of his words) and the boys can use whichever device they wish with the one set of letters. Because Kal-El has already learned print, capitals, lowercase, sounds, and names of the letters Me Too is being exposed to them all as well. I would love to teach him cursive first, lowercase first, and the sounds only but it isn't practical when he literally repeats everything Kal-El says and does like an echo. There is a reason his nickname is Me Too.

Afterwards they played firetrucks together, "built a dam" in Kal-El's bedroom using anything they could get their hands on, and had lunch.

After naps Grammie and Bumpa are picking them up for a two-night sleepover! My husband and I have a couple of dates planned and are getting ready for the invasion arrival of his immediate family beginning this Sunday. My husband's family members are dispersed very far away from where we live. We will have company through the sixth of January! At one point there will be a total of ten people living in this house at the same time. I know this is a normal state of affairs for many of you, but it isn't for us. Figuring out where to sleep everyone in a three bedroom house in the winter when the school room (where I would usually stash Me Too) is 40 degrees is going to be a trick.

I've been cooking ahead for over a month and have all the dinners for the days everyone will be here at once frozen. Yippee!

I don't know how often I will blog while we have company. My in-laws don't actually know I have a blog and it would be difficult to hide such clandestine activities. I have a couple of unfinished posts lingering that may make an appearance if I find some time.

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  1. You're such a creative, thoughtful and simply wonderful mom. Such a privilege for your entire clan. Have an awesome time with hub. and family!