Monday, January 4, 2010


January 1st of this year marked my one-year anniversary as a blogger! I cannot believe how quickly it has gone. My husband remarked "You're kidding! How can it possibly have only been a year that you've had that blog. It feels like forever." Thanks honey. I realized recently that it has been that long since I have offered anything resembling a school room photo tour. I snapped some pictures today and hope to write a post to go with them tomorrow as a sort of anniversary post.

December meant a birthday for Kal-El. This photograph that my husband took somehow embodies Kal-El at this time in his life. I think that over time as I remember Kal-El at four, this image will be the one that will forever come to mind.

Here he is blowing out the candles on his Spiderman birthday cake (made by yours truly).

Here is a close-up so you can see how much I completely cheated making this cake. Cake making for me is usually a several day event involving some kind of minor catastrophe. This time creating the cake of my child's dreams really required that I do much less. I'm sure I'm breaking some kind of sacred super-mom rule here, but none of the decorations are edible. I made the buildings, road, and fire out of construction paper and laminated them (this worked out really well because I had to do the cake twice...for two parties). I swiped Kal-El's actual Spiderman action figures and some of my husband's old hot wheels. The candles double as "flares" around the accident scene.

The Spiderman experts among you might be asking yourselves "why are there three Spidermen at the same time and why is he attacking himself?" The cake makes more sense if you know that Kal-El rejects the idea of a "bad Spiderman." He says it's "just wrong...those are bad guys, not Spiderman." Also, the one actual "bad guy" we own, the Green Goblin (which both boys pronounce Green Gobble-een), managed to hopelessly disappear a few hours before his required appearance on top of the cake. I tore the house apart for two hours. I finally found him a week later mixed in with the bin of farm animals. It must have been some kind of super-villain rehabilitation program.

Speaking of needing rehab...we celebrated his birthday with his friends when we hosted playgroup last month. We had a "superheroes and bad guys" party and it was a lot of fun to see the kids running around in costume.

The last of our house guests flew back home this morning. I hope it's really the last of our house guests...head lice were discovered to be infesting my niece and nephew only three days before they arrived and I'm hoping they didn't leave any "guests" behind. Needless to say I was panicked. However, they returned home on Thursday and despite two stowaways found on my niece's head on Wednesday my 15x daily head checks on the boys have revealed nothing. I've had my husband check my head at least once a day. It appears that I also escaped unscathed despite feeling "things" crawling around on my head non-stop since their arrival.

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  1. Happy New Year, and the cake is awesome. The cake and theme party sound like so much fun. Certainly more fun than the thought of head lice. My son & my daughter had them frequently growing up, but they didn't like my hair, thank goodness. But I would still scratch like crazy, the power of suggestion I guess.