Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Need Ideas: How do you play Dinosaurs?

I finally let both boys into the big bin of hand-me-down dinosaurs the neighbor gave us. They were very interested, Kal-El set up a "dinosaur accident scene" where the big ones are kind of chewing on the little ones, but then I think they stopped because they didn't know what to do.

How do YOU play dinosaurs? I am willing to make some accessories for them if it will help. My mom has the dinosaurs attack the family farm and eat all the vegetables, but I'm looking for some other ideas.


  1. If you feel like being crafty this dinosaur playmat looks like fun! http://blog.craftzine.com/archive/2009/10/how-to_dinosaur_play_mat.html

  2. I know it's winter so a sand tray may not be your favourite idea but our 4-6 year olds love to make a prehistoirc landscape with the sand.

    Or a cleaner version is to provide a basket of bricks - our children spend hours building dinosaur homes and landscapes and acting out stories.

  3. My son plays make believe with his dinosaurs the same way he does with his other toys. They go camping. They have birthday parties, etc. Sometimes he'll ask me what kind of dinosaurs they are while he's playing (because I'm a dinosaur nerd too, and I know).

  4. How about dinosaur island? http://filthwizardry.blogspot.com/2009/06/playdough-dinosaur-island.html


  5. Well now. Taking the dinosaurs out to the sandbox in the summer is a good plan. Rinse them off when you bring them back in. They can even have a frisbee filled with water for the dinos to go to drink. All sorts of disasters can befall them out there. Avalanches. Being buried in sand and rock etc.

    I feel challenged by the felt dinosaur playmat. I checked out the link and it looks like I have just the skills and the scraps of fabric needed to work on a project like this:) We'll talk about it.

    Aside from that, I assume that the dinosaurs lived quite a boring life that mainly consisted of fighting for survival. Getting food and water and fighting with other dinosaurs. I'm sure that plenty of them got stuck in the mud. That's always a favorite that requires a hook and a rescue vehicle of some kind to remedy:)

    I thought the eating the farm veggies scenario was the least violent of my options.


  6. My 4 1/2 yo creates a scene (makes caves/mountains/rocks/trees, etc.)out of clay or homemade playdough and adds some plastic trees to the scene ground that is clay or playdough as well (to make dino tracks)while he lets loose his imagination with roars, stories and laughter. :-)

  7. I'm afraid I don't have any clever dino ideas, but I DO have a little award for you on my blog. :)


  8. LOL. Follow their interests. It would be a great time to get some dinosaur books and learn more about what they eat, what types of dinosaurs their were, what happened to them, what their colors were.

    Besides the great part about children is that THEY need to be the ones too explore and come up with ideas. Perhaps you'll get excited about making trees or painting trees, or writing the word dinosaur. Or perhaps they will want to know what type of dinosaurs lived where you did.

    The more they explore on their own, the more they will explore deeper thoughts and patterns. Just like any sensorial material.