Friday, February 12, 2010


Sadly, this book that I picked up at the library sale is high-interest reading for Kal-El right now because he has one.

He lost his voice. This was hilarious. He kept whispering "Mommy, I don't want to be this quiet." He is basically suffering from a major case of post-nasal drip. He is miserable. It is making him cough and clear his throat so much he can barely sleep or play. I went rogue today and picked him up some cold medicine.

Speaking of cold...I tried out letting my kids be "free-range" this week. They played in the snow with sand toys while I watched and snapped pictures from the other side of the picture window (inside where it's warm). They enjoyed it twice as much as usual because they felt like they were outside alone even though I was watching them 100% of the time. They got to play longer too because I wasn't sitting on a cold lawn chair and shivering.

Me Too was a little unsure of how to get off the front porch with that much snow on it while wearing boots. He saw the depth of the snow and said "Mommy, carry me around." No way.

As it turns out, no "Mommy" was necessary. He was tickled because the coat he was wearing that day had been on Kal-El the day before. Literally overnight the boys went from having coats that fit to coats that looked like crop-tops. So, this day Kal-El's coat went on Me Too and a new hand-me-down coat was fetched from the basement for Kal-El.

The new coat and snowpants (Me Too calls them "no pants" because he doesn't pronounce the "s" at beginnings of words) must be doing their jobs, because Kal-El alternated between "swimming" and "being a submarine" the whole time. Brrrr. In this photo he is digging a hole for planting carrots. Yes, I have explained that it is not "carrot planting" time.

He originally dug the "carrot planting" hole the day before (crop-top day). I told him it we were expecting a snow storm and he prayed to God right then and there "God, please don't let it snow because it will fill in my carrot planting hole." He is learning an early lesson about God not always giving us what we ask for.

Although, now that I think about that photo he is probably excavating for his shovel. He knocked on the door and said he couldn't find it. I asked him if he left it on the lawn the day before when he dug his carrot planting hole. He immediately smacked his forehead and groaned "ooooohhhh noooooooo! The snow buried my carrot planting hole AND my shovel."

We had hoped to have school this morning, but Kal-El was coughing too much to be productive. I thought maybe this afternoon, but I just put him down for a nap dosed with night-time triaminec. I have a feeling he'll be a little too doped up for the moveable alphabet today. I checked out six Antarctica books from the library for him (seals, whales, penguins, etc.,) so perhaps we'll just curl up on the couch.

We hung out in a toy store while our house was being shown yesterday. After staying there for an hour playing with their train tables I felt like I had to buy something.


  1. Feel free to call to see if I'm around, and come over and play during house showings....

    Lil Bro

  2. oh the poor little guy, hopefully it passes quickly. But look at all of that beautiful snow, my kids would be so jealous.