Monday, February 8, 2010

How Can I get Angry?

I just finished some housework and headed down toward the bedrooms to put some things away. The door to Kal-El's room, where he was supposedly "napping," was wide open. Kal-El was nowhere to be found inside his bedroom.

The door to the school room was also, mysteriously, wide open.

This is a photograph of what I discovered.

How do you get angry when this is what your kid sneaks out of his room to do? He may have taken out too many things at a time, but did you see everything is on rugs?

He had all the animals from the different continent boxes mixed up. I told him to sort them out himself. After he came to me with two different "alligators" and asked "which one is from Australia and which one is from South America?" I printed him out the Toob glossaries I made, threw them on some colored card stock to match the appropriate continent, and ran them through the laminator (in case this happens again). He was able to sort out the mess all by himself.

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  1. Oh bless his little heart! LOVE that everything is on a rug!!

  2. Oh wow, just shows exactly how much they are taking in doesn't it!

    Kylie - - Home of The Home School Hop

  3. I think it's safe to assume at this point that Kal-El is not spending nap time in his bedroom:(

    At least he was spending "quiet time" right?


  4. Apparently someone likes geography. Lol.

  5. That is fantastic. My little one got to spend some unsupervised time in this learning room yesterday and I came in to find a very similar scene - too many items out, but everything being used properly. I was floored. And I agree, how can one be angry?

  6. That's wonderful how much he loves to learn!

  7. It's Amazin!!! he just loves to be there!!! working!!! Love that!!!