Thursday, February 4, 2010

Making Miniatures

I'll start out by saying, this may not be the solution to your "letter V" collection if you are a hardcore, Christian homeschooler.

I made this little guy out of a little wooden form they sell in bags of multiples at the craft store. I painted him with acrylic.

"G," "H," "W," "O," and "V" are some of the more difficult letters to find when you accumulating a selection of language miniatures. If you are okay with acknowledging the "holiday," Halloween provides a lot of candidates in these more difficult categories. In October, I shopped the after-holiday clearance sales at the craft store and came up with several useful additions: Ghost, Goblin, Ghoul, Gravestone, Haunted House, Witch, Werewolf, Web, Owl, and Vampire. (We only did "Ghost" out of all those "G's.")

I couldn't find a vampire at the time and decided to make my own. I started him in November. He probably took about five minutes total, but I had to wait for adjacent paint colors to dry, put him in a cabinet before the last coat, and forgot about him. I found him this week and finished him up.

At the same time I painted over some of my Toob animal penguins. I spent a very long time one day trying to match the penguins that come in the Penguins Toob to actual types of penguins. I finally determined that they had done a poor job on the paint jobs and three or four of them needed touch ups in order to match actual breeds of penguins. While the black and white acrylics were out I finally touched up our Adelie penguin and Gentoo penguin. I still need to make some adjustments to the South African penguin and the Rockhopper penguin.

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  1. How creative! I love the vampire which reminds me I need to finish finding/making those hard to find letters.

    Can you post pictures of your penguins? I ordered the Toob ones too but haven't gotten them yet. I have a fun activity to go with be posted once our penguins arrive!

  2. Well he's almost...huggable!!!

    You are very creative. Learning is fun at your school:)