Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Yoga Kid

I saw JC over at Joyful Mommy and Joyful Child (one of my new favorite blogs) doing yoga using a DVD from the Yoga Kids series. I wanted to start with the second in the series,Yoga Kids, Vol. 2: ABC's for Ages 3-6, because Kal-El got the idea to make letters with his body this weekend and was having a blast. When I went to the library to get it, it was checked out but the did have the first one on the shelf.

The boys were pretending to "exercise" this morning (making pumping motions with their arms to show their muscles and lifting "heavy" things like their stuffed animals over their heads) so I invited them to do an exercise DVD with me. They both ran into the family room with great excitement.

Unfortunately Kal-El became very nervous when he realized this looked suspiciously like a "group activity." He has an annoying aversion to group activities. Thank goodness he isn't in school! As soon as the video announced "We'll teach you how to be a yoga kid too!" he bolted from the room. He came to peek through the doors a couple of times, but if he saw that I saw him he would run away. Once it looked suspiciously like he was trying to do the poses himself in the hallway.

Me Too on the other hand loved it! It says it is for ages 3-6 and Me Too is only 2.7, but we had fun. He loves one on one Mommy Time right now which didn't hurt. What was valuable about the video is seeing examples of children doing the poses. Much like "baby signs," kids yoga poses are less than perfect so it was helpful to see another 3 yo's "version" of the pose.

First they taught belly breathing with a toy on their belly to watch rising and falling.

Downward Dog

The Warrior

The Tree (first attempt, not doing the little "leg thing")

The Tree (second attempt, cheating at the little "leg thing" and not doing the other parts)

The Snake (accompanied by hissing sound)

The Lion (he's roaring)

The Butterfly (you can see Kal-El skulking in the background)

Sad little attempt at The Triangle

The Diamond (attempt one, making a little diamond with his hands)

The Diamond (attempt two, trying to get the little diamond shape up over his head)

More pictures than anyone needed to see I'm sure, but we do have grandparents in the audience! A year ago I bought a children's yoga book, cut out the poses, and made little laminated cards for the school room. I never put it out, I guess now is the time!



  1. We've done this video too. Bear loves this. She loves to do the breathing with a remote control on her belly. I find getting her to breathe like a rabbit during a tantrum really helps to calm her down.


  2. Gorgeous...I love seeing all of the photo's.

  3. We've had YK 2&3 since Beeper was a toddler. He's gone through phases of really liking it and not being interested. He's also not much of a group participater. It took a long time before he would actually do some of the activities.

    BTW, the ABC one isn't making letters with your body - that's what I thought it would be too. It's yoga poses based on things that start with the letters (A is alligator, C is caterpillar, etc). Still lots of fun, as long as you don't mind that "N" is namaste and is a little song about "I am the light and the light is me" and "O" is "Ohm - the sound of the universe."

  4. Me Too looked like he was having a good time. Isn't it nice to be young and so flexible?


  5. Cute posting. Do you know about these (adult) yoga books?


  6. Oh what fun! We are yoga fanatics - thanks for recommending this video.


    PS: SUCH a cutie you have, btw!

    PPS: thank you for adding me to your sidebar. We've really upped our Montessori lessons lately - check out my current post if you're interested. :)

  7. Me Too looks so adorable in all the poses! I would laminate photos of him doing the poses and post them up! Thanks for reading my blog. I love your blog too, especially the title!

    I have some cool yoga books for kids too I would recommend. Maybe I'll do a post on it.