Monday, March 1, 2010

Building Things

Kal-El is going through a stage in which he very strongly wishes to be "working" and "doing a job" most of the times. He asks me dozens of times during the day "do you have a job I can do?" Whenever I ask Me Too to do something for me (like return the dryer balls to the dryer) Kal-El says "Wow, you're lucky Me Too. That's a job and you get to do it. You must be a big boy now!" He spent much of Friday begging me to let him go outside and build a tree house. Never mind that there is 12 inches of snow on our lawn, we are moving, don't have the lumber for that project, nor an appropriate tree. After hearing these arguments he has amended his plan to building a tree house in the basement that he can take outside when the snow is gone. Hmmmm.

I worked for about an hour on Saturday morning. When I was done, this is what my husband said.

Honey, we did a little 'homeschooling' this morning. We looked at rabbit tracks in the snow and talked about the anatomy of rabbits. Then we went down to the basement, worked with wood and learned how to use several tools and safety equipment. Yup [he stretches in a macho way] some would call it homeschool...I would rather refer to it as a little thing called being a father.

Okay then.

He taught Kal-El how to use a hand drill. This is a fascinating piece of equipment for a four-year old because it involves twisting the end cap of the handle on and off to take out the drill bit, installing the drill bit, turning a handle, and making holes in wood. Very cool.

They wanted to "show Mommy" so I was able to take some pictures.

Inserting the drill bit.

Look out!


Straightening a bent nail.

Drawing lines with the carpenter's square.

They also used a large clamp (bigger than Kal-El) to clamp 2X4 scraps into the shapes of different letters of the alphabet.

Honey, it's called being a great father.

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