Monday, March 8, 2010

School Day

The boys spent four hours in the school room today. Me Too announced he was "done" at the end of the fourth hour, but Kal-El didn't want to leave the room to go eat lunch.

Me Too's favorite book right now is the Caldecott Award-winning version of There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly. I brought out our "Old Lady" doll and all the little animals she eats so that he could practice storytelling and sequencing. He's doing fine with the storytelling, he's not so hot at the sequencing. Me Too chose this activity several times today, even Kal-El wanted a turn.

We followed up on our matter tray work. Today I introduced the "liquids tray." This reinforced the fact that liquid is one of the states of matter and introduced the concepts that liquids take up space (definite volume and mass) but do not have a specific shape.

Afterward, Kal-El dug right into the language shelves while Me Too worked on some pre-sensorial works.

Both boys worked with sound bins today. Me Too worked through some of the activities in the letter "T" bin. Kal-El worked through all of the activities in the letter "M" bin.

Here is a peek inside the letter "M" bin. (You can see some of our other sound bins by clicking on "sound bins" in the labels cloud.)

Clockwise from top left: HWT lowercase, HWT uppercase, Alphatales book,
letter finding page, initial sound finding page, I Spy Book M/N.
(More complete descriptions of these items and links are in other sound bins posts.)

"M" sound card, "M" sound book, pictures of letter "M" objects.

Upper and lowercase sandpaper letters and the letter "M" object bin. It includes the following from our miniatures collection: moose, mop, motorcycle, magnet, mermaid, monkey, moon, and marble, mask. I also added the following regular-sized items from around the house because I knew Kal-El likes to match the objects to the picture collection: mitten, medal, mirror, money, magnifying glass.

After finishing the sound bin, Kal-El chose one activity from the pink series selection that he had not yet chosen. That means I can show you more of what's in the mysterious little boxes.

First he worked with the objects box which contains both objects and labels.

He still has not done three of the other activities. He temporarily chose the next activity on the shelf, which is matching loose pictures to loose labels. However, when he saw the first word was "bag" and he had just done "bag" in the object box he said "Bag. Not that again. I don't want to do this one." I guess it is time to bring out the second (and possibly third) set of boxes so things are mixed up a bit.

The next activity he chose was an object box and the moveable alphabet.

Afterward, he retrieved three BOB books from his room and decided to spell out their titles with the moveable alphabet as well.

While all this was going on, Me Too was working on the sweeping activity I presented to him today. Every once in a while he will stop sweeping, say "this is haaard. I use my fingers." Then, he'll revert to picking up the objects with his hands.

Kal-El spent the last hour of our school day working on this math activity I put on the shelf:

It includes a nine page blank book, a pencil, a glue stick, cut-outs of the numbers 1-9, and 45 Easter-themed stickers in the little white box.

He wrote his name on the line on the front of the book with the pencil. Then, he glued the numbers to each page (in order) with the glue stick. As he did each page, he affixed the appropriate number of stickers to the page as well (one on page one, nine on page a numbers and counters activity).

Me Too, in the meantime, made some good progress on his cutting.

I also presented classified pictures to him. We tried to sort "things in the bathroom" versus "parts of the body." He is not ready for this. He put everything under the picture of the "bathroom." Likewise, he chose Kal-El's "plants versus animals" cards off of the culture shelves and proceeded to insist that everything was an animal. As is typical when a work is too difficult for a child, he only did each activity for a short time and chose to put it away rather quickly.

This is not, of course, everything they did but probably more than you needed to know regardless.

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  1. I really like the number book. Did you make the number cut outs?
    Thank you for the great pictures of the activities. Lots of great ideas!

  2. yes your number book is a great idea. I always enjoy seeing your 'school days'. Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. Impressive how focused and motivated the boys are! But then again, if I had a mom who made such wonderful activities, I wouldn't want to leave the room either! You all make a wonderful team.

  4. What can I say??? Inspiring!!!, Love your langage activities, the number book,... JUST EVERYTHING!!LOL. Love so much you sounds bins, that I made a sounds caddy, but in Spanish! I'll post them soon. Thanks so much for your postings and your advice!!

  5. Gigi,

    I'm too lazy to make my own. I picked up a pack of cut out numbers and two packs of cut out letters (red and blue of course) at the local teacher supply store. They have them in a lot of sizes and fonts. I have enough to last me a year :)

    My mom has a "cricket" now, so I probably won't need to do that again. We tried to find "Montessori Font" for her Cricket, but can't find anything except one for MacIntosh computers.

  6. I have given you an award on my blog. Your loyal fan. - Joyful Learner

  7. I also have an award for you on my blog! LOL! Your ideas are wonderful! Thanks for sharing! You can pick up the award here:

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  9. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE day's like that! We had a great day today as well.

    I like to do the number booklets with stamps so that we have less waste involved.

  10. Darling. It looks like you guys had a blast. What child wouldn't want to leave?..:)lol

    God Bless

  11. I have just come over from one of my favourite blogs: Joyful Learner where your blog was mentioned. I am so excited to now know of your blog and look forward to following.

    I noted your comment you left on the Joyful Learner blog about me adding a search box to my blog. I really do need to organise my activities and posts, so this is a great idea. I just have to figure out how you include some sort of search box. Stay tuned, I will be working on this!

  12. What do you think of the I Spy Phonics books?

  13. Jen,

  14. Can you give me any idea how much time you spend a day/week preparing the classroom and how much money you spend a year on supplies? I have been doing pre-sensorial with my toddler for about 8 mos and he's ready to head into beginning sensorial. I made a guess-timate of how I need to organize my time and budget, but your insight would be helpful. E-mail is if you would rather send it.

  15. My Thoughts Exactly,

    I e-mailed you :)