Tuesday, March 23, 2010

School Day

Kal-El began the day with some pink series objects and labels, while Me Too worked on sweeping rose petals.

I'm glad I chose relatively larger boxes for pink series objects. My miniatures collection doesn't cover phonetic words very comprehensively. The larger box size makes it easier for me to borrow objects from their toy closets. It's amazing what I was able to find around the house...a "cot" from their rescue helicopter, a "bug" from the sandbox, a "cop" from their train set, a "bun" from their play kitchen, a "cap" from a milk bottle, a "cat" from their toy farm.

Later, Me Too watched while Kal-El completed rabbit pattern cards I made out of stickers from the dollar store. I thought Me Too might want to give these a try, but he didn't ask for a presentation today.

Both boys took a couple of turns using tongs to place marbles on the suction cups of the little duck. Me Too liked opening and closing the little duck tin that held the marbles.

Kal-El enjoyed linking sixteen of these little bunnies by their ears. This is a game identical to "Barrel of Monkeys" that I picked up last year after Easter.

I put out new necklace materials over the weekend. Me Too spent a long time making me multiple necklaces from cut sections of different straws in Easter colors. Kal-El made me a necklace as well. He started experimenting with the idea of making a pattern. After making one, he chose to work with the Australia box.

It was a shorter school day today (two hours). We had to stop at 11:00 because they were both starving. Kal-El has had the stomach flu. As a result, both boys are on a preventative diet of rice, bananas, jello, applesauce, and dry toast (all things that blend well with our carpeting). They are not quite making it from meal to meal on such rations.

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  1. wow, your boys can last 2 hours of school? That's great! ive had a hard time to keeping to 1 hr! Hi, im also a stay mom from singapore, homeschooling my 31month old boy using montessori method. Ive been reading your blog for some time! May i link your blog to mine, please? :)