Tuesday, March 30, 2010

School Day

These are photos of some of our school room activities today.

Kal-El sweeping rose petals.

Me Too working on a visual discrimination activity: matching decorated eggs.

Kal-El worked on cut-out numerals and counters today for the first time. This is harder than cards and counters because the child has the potential to make more types of errors in the placement of the numbers. Rather than just potentially placing the numeral upside-down, he also could potentially place it flipped, or upside-down and flipped. This is often the first activity where the child realizes that a six and nine are the same depending on orientation.

He put the numbers in order quickly. I told him that his three and five were upside down at one point. He worked out the six/nine problem on his own. It was neat to watch him struggle through and figure it out.

He needed to be reminded to space out his numbers. The cards and counters activities we have done in the past used cards large enough to solve the spacing problem for him. Today was also the first time I presented the proper "Montessori" placement of counters in pairs with the extra counter centered at the bottom (when applicable). He learned "odd" and "even" for the first time. He successfully completed a three-period lesson on those terms.

Our "counters" today were Hershey's candy-coated chocolate eggs. He thinks they are like his rock-crayons and doesn't realize they are edible. The numbers are from our vintage Fisher Price Schoolhouse.

Me Too starting a "Plant versus Animal" sort.


My thumb, the camera strap, Me Too looking at pictures of various liquids, and Kal-El examining the pin map of the World. It was cute, Me Too says (with surprise) "Oh! A liquid!" with each picture he picks up.

Me Too selecting a book for me to read to him from our library.

As always, opening and closing containers together.

I told Kal-El that these are my "shopping list" and throughout our school time he occasionally picks one up and reminds me to buy a particular thing on the list.

Me Too gave Puppy Dog a three-period lesson on the matter tray. Until he did that, I had not realized that he had absorbed the vocabulary for "solid," "liquid," and "gas."

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  1. It sounded like a productive day! The counting activity is fabulous. We're going to try that with the ten frames and use the correct number of stones for self-correcting measures.

    Is Kal-El holding the map upside down?

    We have the same tray from IKEA. We just need a small broom set for her so she can get a little sweeping practice. Or we swifter which is easier for her.

    You just gave me an idea on how to use the phonemic box I've made awhile back. We have it out but JC shows no interest in playing with it. Maybe if I give her a "shopping list" of objects to look for, it will be more interesting?

  2. I love how Me Too is giving a lesson to the Dog!

    Looks like a great day!


  3. Sounds like a good day in the schoolroom! Me Too is so lucky to be surrounded by all these fascinating materials and concepts while he's so little, and he's obviously benefiting from it hugely!

    I meant to ask after a previous post involving sweeping - does Me Too really manage to sweep things into the taped square yet? I ask because my daughter is the same age (or pretty close - nearly 21 months) and although she loves sweeping, her enthusiasm rather than her accuracy is definitely the key feature of her style at the moment :)

  4. Basbusa's Mama,

    Thanks :) Yes, sweeping things into the square is actually pretty easy for him . However, getting them onto the dustpan is very challenging for him. He seems to alternate between using the dustpan and his hands as if he is still trying to decide which is most efficient. I don't think it's unusual for your daughter to have trouble with that though. Remember, Me Too has been in this "environment" as you said yourself from a very young age. (Although it certainly hasn't given him an advantage at sandpaper letters or plants vs. animals, LOL).

  5. Joyful Learner,

    Yes, the map is upside down ;)

    I never claimed he was a genius.

  6. looks like a good day. I like the pic of him reaching for a book with just a tab bit of diaper showing, cutie :)

  7. I love reading your blog! I always get such great ideas from it. I am impressed that your son didnt know the eggs were edible-mine would try to eat it even if they werent :) I have an Easter basket and a couple awards for you on my blog.

  8. Maybe he wanted to know what the world looked like upside down? You never know...he can be the only child who can recognize the map in multiple ways!

  9. You're giving me lots of good ideas for my little ones!