Thursday, March 18, 2010

What DID we do all week?

On Monday: We learned that it can take all day to catch up on housework if we don't do any over the weekend. We worked outside the school room on metal insets, reading, the moveable alphabet, and the geometric solids. We also did a "cylinders" scavenger hunt.


On Tuesday: We learned that Mommy is really uncomfortable with taking the boys to the doctor when they are healthy. We had an 11:00 appointment for an "ear check" (the doctor wanted to look in Kal-El's ears for five seconds to make sure he recovered from the ear infection he had one month ago). After sitting in the loaded-with-unimaginable-amounts-of-germs examining room for a full hour, we packed up and went home without even seeing the doctor.


On Wednesday: We celebrated St. Patrick's day by going to a party at Kal-El's best friend's house. We were spoiled rotten with good food, beautiful decorations, and Me Too was entranced with her marble run.


On Thursday: We learned that only a girl would wear sparkly, pink, shiny shoes to a playground in early spring and manage to keep them clean.

unsolvable mystery!

On Friday: We will visit the chiropractor and the libary. Kal-El has "princesses," "dragons," and "treehouses" on his mental list this week. He also seems to be interested in carrots, rabbits, and rabbits that steal carrots.

The boys spent many hours building with blocks. Kal-El built a six-foot bridge, a river to "put under it," and he also cut, colored, and taped together a paper boat to float in the river. This morning he colored, cut, and taped a complete "princess" outfit for his stuffed duck to wear while he plays "knights in charming armor."

Mommy read twelve books this week. Only one was about Montessori! Daddy learned how to solve the 3X3 Rubiks Cube. He is teaching Me Too how to play with it. Last night we started the 2X2. It also turns out Daddy was holding out on us. He pulled out an 18 gallon bin full of little trinkets representing nearly every country in Western Europe as well as Japan. We also discovered a huge treasure chest of foreign currency!

What didn't we do? I didn't make a single Montessori material. We didn't have a single "official" session actually inside the school room.

We did have a great week.

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  1. It sounds like you all had a great time enjoying life!

  2. Yes, the idea of "wellness" check-ups is laughable. More like "come see the doctor so your whole family can get sick" check-ups.

    And I'm chuckling over the clean pink shoes. Indeed. I love boys.

  3. Evenspor,

    As predicted, it appears we didn't come home from the doctor "alone." I just spent 2.5 hours cleaning up vomit out of my car. Kal-El started vomiting one block from the library. Poor kid, he has been looking forward to that trip all week.

  4. Like you, I am not a fan of sitting in a germ infested doctor's waiting room. We always make an appointment and we usually have to wait at least thirty minutes (on a good day). I Just read that you have been cleaning vomit out of the car - just what you need. I hope Kal-El is feeling better and that your whole family remains well.

    You have inspired me to finally get a system on my blog so that visitors can search for particular posts. I am now in the process of getting this done and it should be up and running soon. Thank you for your suggestion about this.