Thursday, April 15, 2010

Materials Decision Delayed

I am very excited for next Thursday. I compiled my list of everything I need for the rest of the math sequence including what I have to make. I am fortunate to have a friend whose daughter attended Montessori school through the start of second grade. At that time they pulled her out to homeschool her for medical reasons. They loved it so much she's never gone back and is now eleven years old.

I have talked to her several times about relinquishing her math materials. However, as recently as a month ago we talked about the fact that her daughter still pulls her Montessori math materials off the shelf frequently when she realizes she is having trouble solving a problem. Unfortunately this means she plans to hang on to her bead materials.

The good news is that when I was asking to come over and peruse her language materials (she is giving me her homemade grammar box materials and cursive sandpaper letters) I also asked if there weren't possibly some types of math materials that she is truly done the small bead frame, bank game, stamp game, etc., She said "absolutely!" So, I we have a date next Thursday. I am going to bring over my list and see what they are ready to part with. I still will be facing the expense of golden beads and colored bead bars, but I'm starting to wonder if bead chains might be something that they would be done with. At the very least, this will lower my bill considerably and I won't have to make things like little slips of paper with equations on them.

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  1. That is really exciting! I was able to get many of the homeschoolers materials this year from a friend who stopped homeschooling after several years. They are just on loan, but I didn't have to pay anything to borrow them. Win-win!

    I have the Intro to Decimal System and Intro to Decimal Quantity, but I don't have any of the other bead material. The homeschoolers use Right Start Math, so I always say that I'm just going to make beads (at least the bead chains) in the Right Start colors. So far, I haven't had time . . .

  2. You're Blessed!!! not too much to buy!!lol Congrats!

  3. Fabulous! I always say there should be a permanent Montessori swapshop website that is actually user friendly. Getting free materials is the best!

  4. that's like a daydream come true!!