Wednesday, April 14, 2010


He did it!

On Friday we potty trained our little pirate! He had six accidents in the first four hours, but has been dry and clean ever since!

We are now carrying a potty with us wherever we go, even if it's just a lap around the cul du sac on a big wheel. (Hey, if it took you thirty minutes to do a lap you might want a potty with you as well.) He's mostly happy about it, but not always...

I followed the plan outlined in the book The Potty Boot Camp with both boys. Kal-El was trained in about a day-and-a-half, Me Too in about six hours...both at age 2.5.

My Mom and Dad bought Me Too the book Pirate Potty for Easter (excellent timing!). We really enjoy it. It comes with a little paper pirate hat he could wear and stickers to put on it each time he "goes." It is also a very creative book and cleverly done. I loved how they used pirate lingo in funny ways. For example, the little pirate says to the potty "prepare to be boarded!" Thanks Mom and Dad!

An additional bonus is that there will no longer be large expanse of diaper sticking out of Me Too's pants in his photos.

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  1. Arrggghh! Congratulations little Matey:)


  2. This book really worked? My girl is 20 months and has gone pee a number of times on the potty - should i invest?



  3. Yes, it REALLY works. The website sells digital download of the book for around $5.

  4. Thanks, I think i will give it a try in about a month when things slow down for me!

    Thanks so much!


  5. Exactly how I trained Super after using other MUCH less successful methods with the girls. I didn't even get the download. I just got the gist of it, and then went for it. After a day and a half, he was trained, at 2.5. Never had another accident.


  6. They also make a book called "Princess Potty". I think it is by the same author. I didn't look at it closely but most likely it has a crown with stickers.


  7. Good job Me Too!
    My son is taking a while to learn to toilet himself (we're up to 5 months and now at age 3 1/4).
    Perhaps with my 2nd son I'll have a quick learner like your boys.