Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Planting the Garden

Yesterday we planted our vegetables. Our day began with a trip to the garden store to buy two trowels (I only had one and just lost it anyway), four pots, and appropriate dirt. Next year we'll already have pots so we can bring them to Grammie and Bumpa's for a fill-up at their "dirt garden."

When we returned home we put the bags of dirt in the wheelbarrow and Kal-El pushed it to the back patio. Me Too carried the trowels, Mommy carried the pots.

The boys used their trowels to fill their pots to the line. There was a little arguing about Kal-El taking dirt from "Me Too's" side. Sigh.

We have a big yard, but our house is for sale so we used pots this year. This will be easier because we also have a lot of weeds.

Next, the boys nestled their tomato plants in to the dirt. Me Too, ever the economist, tried to save a step by leaving his in the pot it came in.

Next, they added a little more dirt around each tomato.

After the tomatoes, I gave each child a small plastic cup with the seeds in it for the other pots. The put each seed in the dirt and poked it in about a half an inch with their finger. They took the poking very seriously.

Me Too wanted to show everyone a bean seed...

...and his dirty hands.

Finally, I moved the pots to a sunnier location and filled up a bucket with water so the boys could water the new plants. They find it easiest to refill their small watering cans multiple times if they can just dip them in a bucket.

They put about 50-100 seeds in each pot, so at least one is bound to come up, right?

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  1. Kids & gardening is just the best.

  2. Great post, looks like their garden skills are link Ebi-kuns LOL.
    I will be linking. If you don't want to be featured please let me know.

  3. How exciting it will be when their first bean sprouts appear!


  4. I agree: gardening with kids is so much fun.

    Sorry for the late reply to your question - we've been out of town. It cost about $30-$35 total for all three projects, since we didn't have to pay fo the vinyl. (Did I ention I love my sister-in-law?) I didn't separate the costs, since we uaed a lot of the same materials for them.

    I can't wait to see your constructive triangles.

  5. We just planted our first "garden" as well, the best part is watering them every day!!