Friday, June 11, 2010


The bug collection that I picked up from the dollar store is always a hit at this time of year. When the boys aren't busy hiding bugs around the house (that cockroach never ceases to freak me out) they find plenty of other uses for those little guys.

Today Kal-El built this web from scotch tape and made the spider right at home.

Later the other bugs in the collection became trapped in the web and the spider had some dinner.

Last week he spent a long time using the bugs as models to do a "school thing" drawing for his Daddy so that "Daddy could learn about bugs." He drew each bug in detail.

Then, he asked me to write a label for each bug. I did, but didn't tell him which label was which so that he would use his fledgling reading skills to figure it out. He glued the labels underneath each bug using white glue and a paintbrush. (In the first photo you can see we started with the glue stick, but it was dry.)

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  1. I like the sticky tape web. What a great resource to create and use for the bug collection.

    A fake cockroach lying around in random places would get me every time too.

  2. I'm okay with most things but NOT the cockroach! That would freak me out!

    I love the web! Very creative and practical!

  3. Great bug activities. Love the sticky web.