Monday, June 14, 2010

Science in our own Backyard

Mommy found a frog.

Kal-El found some mushrooms.

Mommy trimmed trees and Kal-El hauled all of the trimmings to the stick pile.

Kal-El picking leaves to make a leaf book to use with his botany cabinet.

The leaves are currently having a "time out" in a leaf press.

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  1. backyards have so many cool things in them to find.

  2. Don't you just love exploring the ordinary outside? Some of my favorite moments from this school year were finding creatures in our garden. We found : a garter snake, a praying mantis, a snail, butterflies and ladybugs (of course) , and some interesting birds. Not bad for an urban garden!

  3. I just finished reading your blog from the start. I completely enjoyed the read and have learned so much!! You inspire me. I'm sure you'll I'll be about you on my blog soon :).

  4. That should say I'll be writing about you on my blog-sorry I was talking to my hubby and typing at the same time.