Friday, July 2, 2010

Look Mom! I'm Free!

Someone in our house had a birthday last month. I'll give you a clue...

He loves to shout out "Look Mom! I'm Free!" and carefully hold up three fingers.

Like any self-respecting home-schooled child he requested a school bus cake for his birthday. I had done a dump truck previously so felt pretty comfortable with that. However, two days before the big event he declared that he would only turn three if he ate a monster truck cake not a dump truck cake. My boys for some reason firmly believe that it is the eating of the cake that makes them change ages. Who am I to argue with that kind of logic?

I was not the only one who was compelled to take a photo of the cake:

The boys don't actually know anything about monster trucks. They know what a monster is. They know what a truck is. Logically they assume that a monster truck is a truck driven by monsters. To appeal to their sensibilities I drew monster drivers on aluminum foil to make the windows on the cake.

Me Too received some crazy cool, Montessori-friendly birthday gifts that will pop up in the photos in upcoming posts.

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  1. Very cool cake, eat your heart out, Cake Boss. My grandson (3, almost 4) has been drawing monster trucks, complete with wheel nuts - perhaps he has been spending too much time with Papa at the workshop, where Papa, his uncles and their friends have been preparing for mud races. I like the idea of the eating of the cake triggering the age change, kids have such wonderful ideas.

  2. That is a great cake. I especially like the donut tires.

    My son had a fascination with school buses when he was sbout three too. He wanted to know where all of the kids go on the bus and if he could go too. Thankfully he got over it.

  3. Wow! This is an awesome cake. I could never make it stand upright like that.

  4. Happy 3rd birthday. Well done on the cake it looks fabulous. :)