Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sorting Shells

As part of the "staging" process in our bathrooms, I removed a large jar of shells collected in Florida and Alabama. Kal-El asked to "play with them" and so began a study of shells.

He sorted them into piles. At one point he said, "Mommy? Am I like a paleontologist of shells today?" Thanks to Mommy and Google he will now proudly tell you that he is a "conchologist."

Later he asked to identify the shells, which we did online. Then, I printed and laminated a "field guide" for him. Field guides are his favorite type of book right now, the bigger the better. My Mom lent him an Audobon guide of bugs which he loves. He also uses our bird book, and now Shell by Eyewitness Books (the boys love Eyewitness books). We are also reading What Lives in a Shell? which I like a lot, and The Shell Book which has beautiful pictures. Our favorite though is Old Shell, New Shell: Coral which has wonderful pictures, great information at the back, and a decent storyline. The boys like the map at the back that highlights the areas of ocean that have coral reefs in pink. Kal-El has been working on teaching Me Too the names and shapes of the continents. I heard them sitting in a big chair together this week looking at the book and Kal-El said "This is Australia. It has a LOT of coral reef."

Soon we will expand our studies to include the larger conch shells, starfish, and sand dollars that survived my HGTV-style assault on the bathroom shelves. When we visit Florida in August his Grandmother should be able to take this to the next level. She has an extensive collection and actually knows what everything is called.

I am having a hard time posting lately, a lot is going on with the house and it is taking up all of my blogging time.

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  1. What a wonderful conchologist! We loved the book Old Shell New Shell. I'll have to check out the other books! Too bad we didn't get to sort shell when we visited my parents...they have a large shell collection. I guess we'll have to start our own!

  2. This brings back memories—my children used to love studying shells. I love reading about your family's adventures with Montessori at home. That’s why I gave you an award today at

  3. I'd love to get my hands on a collection of shells like this :) .. looks like a fun activity!

  4. You share a lot and I love your blog!
    thats why I have a award for you!!
    thank you for everything!

  5. because, I love your blog, one award for you :

  6. Intresting!!!...Conchologist!!! so nice.... I love and enjoy reading your blog!! I left you two awards on my blog!!! Thanks for been so Inspiring!!


  7. Cool post! We love sorting shells here, too.
    Happy Monday!

  8. I have an award for you and your lovely blog over at my blog. My boys designed it for me to give to cool blogs.
    Thanks for all that you do for the Montessori community:)


  9. You are so wonderful with them...

  10. Thanks Tracy...I'm going to try to remember that nice comment on those days when I feel like the worst mom in the world.