Saturday, July 3, 2010

What DID Kal-El Do All Day?

Easiest parenting afternoon ever. Me Too was out of town with Daddy. Kal-El had a "free-range" afternoon outside. He spent about three hours sitting in a folding chair he set up by himself, drinking from a water bottle he filled himself, watching his tomatoes grow.

After a little while he knocked on the patio doors and said, "Mommy, my chair has a tray on it. The tray would look real good with a snack on it."

While he was out there he watered his garden and rode a bike on the driveway. He also spent a lot of time making a brush pile and transferring it to different locations in the yard with both his child-sized wheelbarrow and Daddy's full-sized wheelbarrow. He is just like his Bumpa...right down to the wheelbarrow we found hidden randomly in the yard three days later, full of rainwater, rusting, with a pair of work gloves floating on top.

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  1. LOL!!! Watching the tomatoes grow? I hope you thourourghly enjoyed that one while it passed!

  2. I was at my neighborhood pub last night, which has trivial pursuit cards on the tables. My friend picked up a card and read "What is Superman's name on Krypton?" My response: "No idea." Well, as you probably know, it's Kal-el! I always thought it was just an abbreviation of names or something like that. I almost started saying, "There's this blog I read..." but I stopped because no one ever wants to hear me talk about the blogs I read ;) Just had to tell you about my epiphany!