Thursday, September 2, 2010

McKlinky Lists Not Displaying

I don't know why as of yet, but the McKlinky lists for the Homemade Materials Collaboration aren't linking to my posts. I tried putting in new code to no avail. I have contacted McKlinky for help. The good news is, the lists still exist and are intact in McKlinky account. I'll post again when they are working.

Update: I have them working without javascript right now, that means you have to click through to see the lists at the moment. The gentleman over at replied to my e-mail almost immediately and has been really helpful. Really nice of him. He offered to help me get it working properly.

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  1. Hi MBT,

    I just read through your posts about your continent boxes and wanted to say THANK YOU for providing such an in depth resource for DIY boxes. I wondered if you posted about the North American, South America and Asia boxes yet? I couldn't find them in my Google Reader. Would love to see what you came up with.

    I also wanted to say thanks for adding me to your incredible list of Montessori blogs and online resources. You have me listed under Montessori Teachers in Training and I just wanted to let you know I finished my training and I'm now certified (hooray!).

    Thanks again for all you share - your blog is chock full of amazing resources and information.


  2. I've just read most of your blog (:D I read fast, too) and just want to say how wonderful it is. It's been so helpful with my daughter (2.5), and I have learned so much about Montessori in general, let alone all the wonderful links!

    We're not homeschoolers, but I like to have appropriate stuff out for Lolly at home, and she is going to a lovely local Montessori school (just Nido sessions with me for now) as she gets older. It's so important to understand the method and what they do all day ;-)

    So thank you!

    Selene from sunny Brisbane, Australia!