Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Workshop

Crafting, crafting, crafting. We spent some of the weekend crafting and the boys don't want to stop.

I had a field day picking out many little craft projects like these as party favors for Kal-El's December birthday party. They are very inexpensive. The difficulty level is quite a bit higher than intended however, particularly on the foam ornaments above. My participation level was a lot higher than I would have wished. However, we belted out Christmas carols and had a great time. The color-me velvet ornaments were, of course, very simple.

This snowman was pretty tricky, even for myself. I don't recommend this one. He is supposed to have a little hat that I just couldn't get to work.

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  1. I have given up on holiday craft kits. They always seem to be more work for me than I'd like, and the kids get frustrated, and then bored with it.

    I mostly just give them a bunch of stuff - paper plates, cotton balls, snowflake cutouts, paper, sparkly pipe cleaners, pom pom balls, markers, etc. and let them have at it. We've had some interesting creations!!

  2. Andie...probably a good plan.

    All of our art at home is free-form like that. I realized we almost NEVER craft so I thought I would try something different. What a mistake :( Although, the second day I gave them a pot of glue with a brush and was able to be much more hands off.

  3. Our art is free form too, but at the holidays, I pick up a few holiday specific paper cutouts, paper and pipe cleaners in specific colors, etc. That way, they still get to feel like it is special for that holiday without all of the frustration of the kits.