Thursday, December 9, 2010

Mediocre Santa Photo

Well, they took a ton of photos, and this is the best we could get. The boys had a great time talking with Santa. We have been telling them that they could ask Santa for two or three things and that Santa would get them one thing for Christmas. Kal-El said he wants "a full-sized race car, a battery-operated motorized motorcycle with sidecar, and my own computer." Me Too held up his fingers and said he wanted "three things." When pressed, he admitted that he also would like the kid-sized battery-operated motorcycle with sidecar.

Now we have been working on explaining that what they ask for might not be what Santa chooses to give them. Sadly, I had not planned on buying Kal-El a car (especially before he even has a license) or a computer. The motorcycle is too extravagant, in our opinion. Santa told me privately that he planned on putting one action figure each under the tree for Christmas. I hope they aren't disappointed on Christmas morning.

Any advice?

"I just want them to appreciate the orange!"

I caught three minutes of "The Middle" last night (I've never watched the show) when flipping through channels. It made me laugh because Patricia Heaton was complaining about the excessive amounts of gifts her kids are tearing into and finished up by shouting "I just want them to appreciate the orange." NONE of the adults on the show had any idea what she was talking about. I bet every mom in the listening audience who stuffs that orange in the bottom of their kids' stockings every year knew, as I did, what she meant right away.

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  1. I think the photo is wonderful. A little birdie told me that token girl did not do as well.


  2. I am loving that striped outfit! What a sweet picture. I am a scrooge (ask any of my relatives: ) and have always told my girls Santa is pretend. One idea might be to have them also write a letter to Santa-say after a trip to Target, where they might have (with a little coaxing) something a little more reasonable in mind.

  3. I totally get the orange! This is a struggle for our family. It seems like Christmas isn't just a one day event anymore, but rather a month long party!

    We have been going back and forth about how best to proceed with gift giving to our kids. We finally decided on getting several little things for the stockings (we help Santa out by filling them for him) and then one or two low-to-moderatly priced gifts from mom and dad.

    I just want the kids to appreciate the things they get and not a repeat of prior years. Which was, tearing through present after present and then saying, "Is that all?"

    Good luck!

  4. We told the girls that Santa brings toys for the stocking only, Mom and Dad buy three gifts for them. It has helped a little bit with the idea of money and its limits. Otherwise, Santas magic can bring me a car, too!

  5. I love your blog, so today I gave you the "Me Encanta Tu Blog" (I love your blog) award on my blog.

  6. At least no one is crying!

    My grandmother told me that when she was little, the only time she ate oranges was at Christmas. It was a super special treat. It is amazing how much has changed over the years, and not all in a good way.

  7. I get the orange! I was delighted when Bear only asked for mittens and a candy cane. Now if I could only get her to be grateful when she only gets one cookie and not two, or one handful of Goldfish and not a while bowlful! At our house Santa does stockings and one small gift. Mom and Dad do one gift and grandparents don't listen to rules established by me so who knows who many will come from them. Nadia's first Christmas, my mom gave her over ten presents! We've been reading Christmas at Little House a lot and I keep emphasizing how happy Laura was with oranges, Christmas candy and a rag doll.

  8. We've really tried to downplay the whole Santa thing with Beeper. He knows Santa is pretend and that it's fun to play along. I've never encouraged the idea of asking Santa for something specific, and it drives me crazy that everyone this time of year asks him, "What did you ask Santa for?"

    Maybe you could make up something about big gifts not fitting in Santa's sleigh or not something Santa's elves can make or some other kind of Santa rules?