Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I Should be Painting, not Blogging

I should be painting right now. I have a paint tray full of wet paint and a drop cloth on the floor. It's time to put a second coat on the foyer ceiling.
Instead, as I walked past to the computer to check out the paint swatches I threw on the wall just one more time it beckoned to me to put up some pictures of what we've been doing this week in the school room.

I didn't add much to the shelves as the boys were still very engaged with what was already there. I added the brown stair and Kal-El requested I add his "collections" (shells, feathers, rocks, insects) back to the culture shelves.

Me Too has been working with the following:

  • practical life: care of self, hammering
  • language: I Spy, sound bins
  • math: spindle boxes
  • sensorial: His biggest interest right now. cylinder blocks (all four together), brown stair
  • culture: watching Kal-El and letting him teach him about shells and insects. Globes, puzzle maps.

Kal-El has been working on the following:

  • practical life: hanging things on a hanger (he spends a lot of time on this, I need to take some photos. Also, cute story about this I'll share at the end.), washing shells, hammering. searching for insects to vacuum up with his bug vacuum.
  • language: He really works a lot with the "oa" sound bin matching labels to objects. Likes rhyming using the M & D puzzle pieces and thinking of other words that also rhyme with those things.
  • math: spindle boxes
  • sensorial: pink tower/brown stair combinations.
  • culture: insects, shells, feathers, bug vacuum, working with shell identification charts.

I need to get some more of our sensorial material back out for upcoming days. Kal-El is ready to start beads in math. Otherwise, we seem to be right on target with both boys and are seeing a lot of understanding and repetition.

As I mentioned, Kal-El is really obsessed with hanging things on hangers right now. He spends a lot of time reorganizing his closet when he is supposedly "napping." I couldn't even begin to count how many times I've given a presentation on hangers and it just hadn't clicked. Yesterday he ran into the bathroom where I was taking a shower to show me his Superman costume hanging on a hanger. He gleefully announced "LOOK what I DID!" I said "You hung it nicely on the hanger! How did you DO that?" He said, "I used my 'secret identity.' Sometimes when I'm not 'Kal-El' I'm 'Clever-man'."

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  1. Cute story. Reading your posts makes me want to remove half of the works available on the shelves to get my two to work with things that hardly get used.