Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I Should be Painting, not Blogging continued...

How about a sneak peek into some of the decorating challenges we have been tackling over here?

Here is one of the several rugs we already owned that received a "thumbs down" for the school room:

We love this rug, but (even more so in person) the light and bright new school room made its colors look dull and old rather than "stately." It also made the room feel smaller because we felt like we had to be "on" the rug and seemed to lose the space left surrounding it.

The foyer and stairwell I'm painting. My pictures are all grainy today (I think my camera must have been set to low quality) but there is green painter's tape still all over and I have one more coat to do.

The good news is that I finally learned to edge without taping! I taped on the stairway though because I repaired the drywall and had to stipple sand texture back on all the way to the moulding edges.

My husband had some fun tearing apart the electrical as usual.

And I fear I've started to get carried away. I resolved to only take ONE THING apart at a time, but here I am slapping paint samples up on walls all over the house.

(Winner is on the left so far.)

I'm not feeling so sure about this "chocolate" den thing right now. We'll see. The bottom half would be bright white wainscoting but I'm still not convinced.

And hey! Check out the casing we picked for the interior doors and windows... bye bye skinny ranch casing.
Okay! I have to go paint before my paint dries out or the kids wake up!

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  1. Wow! Your home is coming along so nicely! love the big school room.
    Happy painting...we did that nearly two years ago...lots of nights with tired, achy necks and backs.
    Well, happy remodeling.

  2. Oh, I love the shelving. I can't wait to see it all together :)

  3. Looking good! I feel your painting pain, I just finished painting our schoolroom (with some insparation from your blog!)Thanks for sharing

  4. How do you edge without taping? Please please share the secret! I love the bookcases, what brand are they? The room is looking really nice.