Friday, January 28, 2011

School Day: Kal-El

Today I have just a little glimpse of some of what Kal-El was working on yesterday. This week I made three-part cards to go with the insects included in our insect puzzle cabinet (wasp, ladybug, dragonfly, house fly, butterfly). Yesterday was the first day they were on the shelves.

Yup, that's painting equipment in the background. I finished painting the foyer, both walls and ceiling, this week. Kal-El really enjoyed this work and did a "happy dance" when he had made all the matches.

I try not to make three-part card for every Tom, Dick and Harry thing, but I really like them for the "parts of" works.

Both boys loved the new variation on hammering works I put on the shelves this week. All of this new furniture came with a lot of foam. I can't find anyplace that will recycle it so I am glad it's getting a second life in the school room. They are hammering golf tees into the foam. The hammer is a real working hammer and the golf tees are a great shape for learning to use the claw to remove the tees. They actually are excited if there are tees to pull out first before they begin their hammering.

There is Me Too in the backround putting away the ladybug puzzle. Our new table is in the background as well, but it has a wrinkly tablecloth on it until I find a better way to protect it. It's pine and I don't want it all dented up...they are HAMMERING in here and all...

Removing the golf tees makes a big mess of little foam pieces all over the floor. The boys were more than happy to go grab the dustbuster and take care of the problem.

If it all looks peaceful and educational to you in this post you are right, it was. But, in the interest of "keeping it real" I should note that Kal-El's school session was 30 minutes shorter than Me Too's. They noticed the new materials right away this morning and were very excited. Unlike Me Too, Kal-El tried to be bossy and refused to let me give him a presentation on one of the new works before he started. I told him he wasn't allowed to use it unless he let me show him how first. Then he had a big pout and announced he "wasn't going to 'do school' today" and stomped away as loudly as possible. After about 30 minutes of eavesdropping on the fun that Me Too was having Kal-El returned, apologized, and asked me to show him the work.

Something like that happens every couple months or so. Because he he didn't get his way, I probably will not see a repeat of that behavior for a while. (I hope.) Don't worry, he'll find plenty of other ways to push my buttons instead.

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  1. I love the peacfulness of your day! And I love the "real" part too! Looing good!