Thursday, January 27, 2011

School Day: Me Too

I had so many fun pictures of Me Too today I decided to give him his own post.

Working with a map:

I gave him a presentation on the red rods today. We used to store this horizontally across two shelves lined with felt but our new shelves were not amenable to that. Now they are in a stand which is less desirable because it encourages them to carry the rod like a broom. It is better that the child carry them with an end in each hand to get a better sensorial experience of the length. However, compromises must often be made.

I made sure to make a big deal about carrying the rods with two hands on the ends in the presentation and that seems to have mostly worked. Me Too assures me that the "little ones" don't need two hands.

I presented this activity using two rugs. The first rug is where we brought the rods and laid them out at the top in random order.

We started with the biggest and brought them to the second rug one at a time starting in the top left corner.

His favorite part was checking his work with the smallest rod at the end.

He had to correct a few errors along the way and I will tell you that they did NOT make it back into the stand in the right order.

He wanted to write the letter "V" in the sand tray but couldn't remember how so he borrowed one of Kal-El's sandpaper letters. He's not really ready for this because he still is having trouble with "I Spy." I allowed it because that particular letter seemed to be clicking.

Speaking of "I Spy," Me Too likes to be in charge these days. He likes to place an object in different places on his body (his favorite is on top of his head of course) and says "I Spy something on top of Me Too's head." Then I'm supposed to say "I Spy something that starts with 'T'." and he answers with the name of the object.

This works for us for now because he is still having trouble with this. I think he doesn't pay attention more than anything else. Today I held "soap" and "goat" on my lap and said "I spy something on Mommy's lap that starts with 'g'," and he chose the soap because he wanted to pretend to wash his hands.

Working with the "oa" sound bin:

Hammering golf tees into foam. His favorite part is using the claw of the hammer to remove them again.

Not pictured is work with hammering pegs which he calls the "pop goes the weasel thing" (cobbler's bench) and the new ladybug puzzle from our insect puzzle cabinet. When he asks I modify Kal-El's three-part cards into two-part cards by removing just the word labels and he likes to talk with me about the names of the creatures and their parts while he makes matches.

I plan to post about our "insects" shelf sometime next week. I also have scheduled a post on the ins and outs of buying albums.


  1. He was busy! That is how they were carried red rods in our class room, the other way would have knocked things over.

  2. I also was shown to present them being carried vertically. There would definitely be no way they'd fit in the classroom being carried the other way. We'd have a lot of black eyes!

  3. Thank you for sharing Me Too's work. Where did you get your insect puzzles?

  4. I'm new to reading your blog and new to Montessori for that matter. I look forward to your take on buying the teacher albums. Thanks!