Tuesday, January 18, 2011

School Day

Just a couple of pictures of today's "big works."

The green tape on the map cabinet behind Me Too is cordoning off the maps they have not had presentations on yet. It is not a lot of fun peeking in the school room on your way up to bed on a night Daddy was in charge to see the Asia map abandoned and disassembled in the middle of the floor. (By the way, Daddy said "I don't know how to put that thing back together." Daddy has now had a presentation on using a control map just in case.)

I noticed Kal-El counted all groups of spindles twice, once as he pulled them out of the spindles box and once on the rug before he put them in their compartments, but did not count the spindles out for the last compartment (9) at all. I asked him why he didn't count that one and he said "If you do it all right there are only nine left so I don't need to count them. I did it all right." Okay then. I guess he grasped the concept here.

P.S. Yes, Me Too is wearing the same outfit today as he did yesterday. He is wearing clean underwear and socks :)


  1. You may know I do not have the space for (6 people in our 1100 square foot home) nor do I try to bring the classroom into our home, but looking at your photos makes even me envious! Beautiful! Your boys are very fortunate to have parents so dedicated to their development.

  2. Looking at your pics makes me want to be a child again being able to grow up this time with Montessori materials. What an exciting way to learn!
    The bit about your husband totally cracks me up. I can sooo relate!
    Great to see your schoolroom posts back.

  3. Beautiful!! I want a big space so I can put a couch in it!