Thursday, January 13, 2011

School Room Renovation Day 11

On the Montessori front: I put some more materials on the shelves today, started making a Godly Play material, then spent an hour looking through boxes trying to put together our world landmarks collection that goes with our felt map. Hopefully I will have a slew of Montessori-related posts starting soon.

If you are sick of reading about my pathetic little "remodel" stop reading this post now.

In terms of my little "resolution" to do "something" toward finishing the house every day this year, I accomplished a few things today with nothing to show for it. That is okay with me. It will lead to greater progress on a different day.

I met with a different door installer about replacing the front door. He was pushy and his advice was questionable. Later, I made several phone calls and picked a different company to meet with.

I received the new cold air returns but can't find the tools in order to shave off a 1/4 inch of moulding in order to install them. If my husband was the last to use a tool, believe me, you'll never see it again unless he's home to ask about it.

I spent ten minutes on the phone with a fireplace company regarding the dated brass front on our natural fireplace.

Don't those spindles just make you want to grab a sawzall? Me too. I just am patient enough to NOT want to live with the resulting holes in the drywall and wood trim until I'm prepared to fix them.

Anyway, regarding the fireplace, we don't know if we are going to just put on a more modern front (flat, matte black frame with glass doors) and leave it natural, put on the more modern front and add a gas log, or have a gas insert installed. Now that I have some ballpark pricing my hubby and I can discuss it after he shows me where he put my jigsaw, miter box and saw.

Example of potential new doors.


  1. Hahaha! I have those same spindle in a wall in my house too! I cant tell you the number of times that I wanted rip them out. I came close the one day(I even tried to talk my contractor hubby into doing it), but like you, I also thought about the mess I would have to look at for too long! :) Dont worry, if everything else looks nice, you can get used to them till you get them out! Good Work on everything!

  2. Go gas. You'll get so much more use and enjoyment out of your fireplace.

    Wood is messy, requires periodic chimney cleaning and shoveling & cleaning out . You'll find yourself not using it much because of that.