Thursday, January 6, 2011

School Room Renovation Day 2

Day one involved removing yet more stuff from the room (including the curtains which my husband has since decided he loved...whatever) and beginning the drywall repair process.
At one point our home had foundation work done which involved jacking one foundation wall back into position several inches. I think this is to blame for the nail pops in the ceilings. I knew how to repair nail pops. However, once I dug into the situation I realized the previous owner had already repaired them...he just didn't do it correctly. They all stuck out of the ceiling. I think he just shoved a ball of glazing putty in each one and painted over it. I think the school room had about fifty of these babies.

His brilliant repair skills carried over to every hole he ever put in the walls.

So, day one also involved repairing several areas like the first photo above and dozens like the second. (Sorry, I can't seem to move pictures within my posts today without getting html errors that won't let me publish.)

Day 2 therefore was a continuation of day one at first. Everything I scraped off, puttied and sanded really needed to be puttied and sanded a couple more times. As you can imagine, this process leaves flat areas of drywall with no sand texture.

I spent a lot of day 2 repairing the missing sand texture. I came up with a great way to do this that I haven't read about anywhere else so I'll post about that another day.

Day 2 wrapped up with getting the first coat of paint on the ceiling.

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  1. You will see I have commented on all your recent posts. I leave you with words of the wise. "a good patch or mudding job will require no sanding." No that was not from father, but my drywall yoda! Plus mom supports that theory, and when it comes to home improvement projects it's not done until mom says it is.

  2. Brother mine (Anon),

    I'm glad I've finally touched on a topic that interests you :) Right there with you on the "it's not done until Mom says it is." I just told J. last night that I have done two coats on the ceiling and think it really needs one more. He said, "what are you waiting on then?" I said, "for Mom to see it. I'm hoping she look at it and tell me I'm done."

    Ah, the drywall yoda. I've heard this "no texture" mantra from Mom and Dad before. I have no choice here. The wall has no texture starting at the door for three feet and then suddenly had texture the rest of the way again. It's easier to add texture to those three feet than to remove the texture from the other 20.

    No way am I giving J. a six inch drywall trowel. Then I'll have SIX INCH stripes down the wall instead of four. He has no gift for drywall.