Tuesday, January 11, 2011

School Room Renovation Day 8

Well, I am behind.

Monday (day 8) I put the second and final coat of paint on the front wall of the school room. That wall merges with the foyer so I have to keep going and paint the foyer as well. I am considering that a separate project and planned to stop at the front wall. However, I had an inch-and-a-half of paint left in the bottom of the bucket and decided to keep going until I ran out of paint. I made it about half way around.

I assembled only ONE bookshelf on Monday. They each take a full hour. I had eight of these total in the house awaiting assembly at one point. I need to buy seven more in the out-of-stock larger size. That means approximately two full work days this year (15 hours) will be spent assembling bookshelves. Good times. I have three left on my schedule for today (Tuesday).

The whole family spent two hours at Home Depot last night making decisions about a new front door, the new pocket doors, and new closet doors. It went well. I don't think we are buying there, but it was open and had examples we could look at in person. The impromptu Home Depot excursion is what put me behind on bookshelf assembly.

So, for today (day 9) I have three shelves to assemble. Then, all I have to do is have my husband move out the remaining furniture in there that we don't need. That will give us room to play around with our rug choices and furniture placement. After that it is time to load the shelves.

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  1. Just curious, what kind of shelves are you assembling?

  2. Hi Mel,

    We are assembling the "Carson" bookshelves from Target. They are super inexpensive for almost all-wood shelves. Come in five colors, three sizes. Have a profile that can be put together to look "built in." A lot of bookshelves have wrap around crown on the sides so you can snug them together but these don't.

    We went with the white and the black.

  3. Ah, thanks for the info. Sorry to have asked again in email, I didn't realize I wasn't subscribed to comments to this post :)