Wednesday, January 12, 2011

School Room Renovation Day 9

Yesterday was initially a very frustrating day. I had five of seven white shelves assembled and stopped because I wasn't liking how it was starting to look.
I begged for help when my husband came home. He spent at least an hour moving all of the furniture around into every conceivable postion and taking a photo of each. Then, he brought me in to show me the top contenders.He also spent some time demonstrating that while 14 bookshelves fit into the room on graph paper it wasn't so easy in person. I was picturing the "home library" look that you might see in an expensive house. I think it still could look that way with some advanced woodworking added to the picture. However, right now it was starting to look a little odd and institutional instead of like a cozy home learning space.
So, a little bit of bad news and a lot of good news.

The bad news is I think I will have eight bookshelves instead of 14.

One the "good news" side, we are gaining a couch in the space. We have a nice, almost new couch, and expensive (for us) couch that we thought we were going to have to sell for pennies on the dollar. I'm extra happy that it is a fun, playful color that will work well in a children's space.

Having a couch in there does suck up a lot of space. However, I have to have a place to sit and observe. If I'm uncomfortable I'm more likely to get up and interfere, right? Also, in addition to the three-hour work periods that are typical around here in the mornings we spend a lot of time working with the materials as a family before and after dinner. Having a couch in there encourages more of that. Even last night with hardly any materials in the room we were all cozied up on the couch and the window seat with puzzle maps, world flags, and books.

Another point is that (provided they are still made) we can change our minds later and add more shelves if the amount of storage isn't working out for us. It also solved my "out-of-stock" problem because we decided that because we are only doing three taller shelves we can do them in a contrasting color (very in-fashion for kitchens right now).

Image courtesy of Thomasville cabinetry

Soooo...any readers in the know happen to know which is more up-to-date these days? Black or espresso?

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