Sunday, January 16, 2011

School Room Renovation Days 13 and 14

The new school room is open for business on Monday!

This weekend I assembled two of the three black shelving units. I would have assembled all three but the third box contained two of part "H" instead of one "H" and one "I." Now that box is sitting in the foyer while we wait for Target to send us the correct part.

I just spent the last three hours making sure we had enough materials in the room for our first real day in there. I have been sneaking some things into the room over the course of the last week and the boys have been doing some work, but they have been looking forward to seeing some more things on the shelf.

I will most likely be adding more things every night all week. I don't want the shelves to be completely full for a while because the boys will be overwhelmed. We still need some time to figure out where everything is going to go long-term and the boys will need to learn where to find things and put them away.

Because Me Too is very close to the beginning of the sequence I started there. I didn't want the mostly-empty shelves to contain a lot of things he isn't allowed to work with on the very first day. I also stuck pretty close to the core materials. Some of these things like spindle boxes and color boxes are usually somewhat neglected. I am hoping they will see some action this week since they haven't been seen for a couple of months and there aren't a lot of extras up there to distract them. The practical life shelves are looking a little sad, but we have been doing huge amounts of practical life while our materials were packed up.

For tomorrow morning this is what I have available:

Culture: globes and puzzle maps, an emotions puzzle
Math: spindle boxes (I am waiting for number rods until after the red rods have made their re-appearance)
Practical life: peg board, dressing vests (new), hammering pegs
Sensorial: cylinder blocks, the pink tower (and extensions), geometric solids, color box 2
Language: rhyming words match-up, sound bins and sandpaper letters for "V" and "oa", sand tray, large movable alphabets

The language shelves are by far the closest to normal right now. The "oa" sound bin will do triple duty tomorrow. We will use it all together to explore the "oa" sound. I will use it to play "I Spy" with Me Too. Kal-El can use it further as an object box both for matching labels to objects and writing with the movable alphabet.

The room is nowhere close to "complete." I still have extra furniture and boxes stacked near the entrance. We still need to have an electrician in to install lighting. After the lighting is installed I will put up crown molding and hang the art for the room. The window trim still needs to be installed and I have been waiting for some blind/shade samples to arrive in the mail. I also have to assemble that third bookshelf of course.

There will be no big "reveal" yet, but you are sure to catch some glimpses of the new space. I plan to take some photos if I can while the boys work tomorrow.


  1. It's been fun reading about your renovation. I am excited to see you guys starting school again.

  2. That is exciting! Hope you and the boys have a good day in your new school room. I look forward to seeing the pictures. I have missed your weekly updates.

  3. I found your "core" materials interesting. Last year, I had lots of language and math works out because I had all four and five year olds. This year, I have 2.5-3 year olds. Plus a 15 month old that is in the area on occassion. So I pared the Montessori things and put quite a bit of it in the storage closet. Here are the Montessori materials have out: Culture - globes and continent puzzle map and one continent box. Math - Spindle Practical Life - Dressing vests, polishing mirror, clothespins on a cup, and ironing. Sensorial - Cylinder block A, block tower, brown stair, color box 1 and 2, red rods, and geometric solids. Sensorial: cylinder blocks, the Language: Sound bins, sandpaper letters, classified cards, and matching cards.

  4. Andie,

    What a difference...sounds like a totally different job from one year to another. Those kids are so young you really need more "pre-Montessori" works don't you.

    I'll need to catch all the subjects up to where Kal-El is sometime soon, but didn't need all the things like pattern blocks and geoboards flying around while I was at it.

    You'll laugh when you glimpse my map cabinet in the photos. All but the continents map, North America, and Australia are cordoned off with police tape (blue painter's tape) right now. I had to reassemble an abandoned Europe map twice this week and said "that's it!" (husband was in charge.