Monday, January 10, 2011

School Room Renovation Days 6 and 7

Well, I've had some help!

As predicted, we are not open for business on Monday as hoped. I still have four of eight bookshelves left to assemble and a second coat of paint to put on the front wall.

My husband installed all of the new outlets and switches. I ordered the special size of cold air return that we needed online after visiting four hardware stores. While I was at it, I ordered enough for the whole house (the previous owners painted them grey, glopped paint all over them while doing so, dented them, and had installed several of them upside down).

I sat down tonight and wrote out a plan for what to put on the shelves over the course of the first week. Tomorrow I hope to finish the painting and shelf assembly so we can be back in business on Tuesday.

We are not going to be ready for a "big reveal" or anything. There are still several steps to this project that will require the help of professionals. I really hope to have even lighting in the room and can't think of any other way to do so other than having recessed lights installed. My husband is brilliant at recessed lights in new construction, but has had some bad luck retrofitting. If anyone has some practical lighting suggestions, I am all ears.

I also have some lingering questions about pocket doors. I know where I want to order them. I understand how to install them. I don't understand how to predict how big the final opening will be and therefore have no idea what size door I should get. We have six-panel doors, so if I order too big and part of the door doesn't show it will look funny. It's obvious what will happen if I order too small. My husband is mostly up for doing this project, but wants me to get some bids from some carpenters first.

Both the lighting and door projects may involve some holes in the drywall so it doesn't make sense to put up crown or baseboards yet.

What has my husband been doing during all of this? In addition to responding to occasional cries of "I'm not strong enough to (un)screw this one" and working electrical magic he has been in our basement building storage for all of the homeschool materials when they aren't on the shelves. He has converted a partially-finished "sewing room" into a non-basement-like "mom" space. Unlike the rest of the basement, it is clean and well-lit. He painted, added flooring, and built custom-shelving. It will be a nicer place to go to find the next material in the sequence, switch out phonics objects, etc., All of the bins of out-of-season clothes, clothes saved for Me Too, and hand-me-downs for Kal-El (from friends and cousins) have a home there as well.

We still have no window treatment and I definitely did NOT get to the fabric store this weekend. I did get to two hardware stores, the paint store, served lunch for eight on Saturday and a big Sunday dinner today, re-read the Gettman, read half of the Advanced Montessori Method volume two, also read half of a Sarah Graves "Home Repair Mystery."

"Cause I'm a woooooman....W.O.M.A.N. I'll say it again!"

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  1. Good for you!!!!! You are getting it all done! I hate having my house torn up with construction, so I imagin that it is getting frustrating for you. It's going to be great when you get it done!

  2. Thanks Stephanie! I wish I could say we wouldn't be torn up for much longer, but we have to renovate every single room in this house. I couldn't live with this room the way it was any longer though. I really needed to unpack those boxes!

  3. Wow that is a ton of work! My husband repainted the downe stairs of our house last year and thing were a mess for a week and I was going crazy! :) But its worth it when its all done! Good luck!

  4. Goodness, I certainly hope that I will not have to do any of this in the home we move into in Texas. We are on our way to the airport presently for our one-way flight out to Austin. It has been a super busy and stressful time wrapping up here in VA. We are hopefully closing on our sale here on Friday, and we are staying in a rental there until we close on something there. We have a ratified contract on a home there, but I'll get to see it for the first time tomorrow. I have a TON of questions for the inspector. We get 10 days to say whether we want it or not, that Option ends on Monday. If we want it, we'll close in 4 weeks. Wish us luck.
    How are you all doing? Miss reading about your on-goings!