Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Number Rods

Laying out the rods randomly on one rug...

...then building the stair on the other.

Counting the segments carefully....

...and matching them to the correct number tile.
(Me Too is jealously looking on.)

Writing the number ten in the sand tray...

...and then combining all of the smaller number rods
to add up to ten (starting to learn 8+2=10, etc.,).


  1. I love it! One question, how do you keep them from "playing" in the sand tray and spilling sand everywhere? I just made us one, but they want to play in it and make a mess.

  2. Katelyn,

    When we first introduced the sand tray to the classroom I think the boys were 2 and 3 years-old. I explained that the salt tray had "a job" and if we weren't using it for "its job" I would put it away. And I have done so immediately every time they have misused it. They test me every so often just to check that the rules haven't changed. If your kids are used to this type of thing from you you'll only have to do it a handful of times. If they aren't, it could take dozens. Keep at it. Eventually the urge to use the tray will overcome the urge to wreck it. Make sure they have an outlet for that type of play elsewhere (sandbox, sensory box).

    You want to have a firm reign with the materials so they are not misused but keep it just loose enough that they are not afraid to experiment. Ideally they will discover things like combining the brown stairs and pink tower, the pink tower and square of Pythagoras, etc., on their own. They won't if they are too afraid. One day Kal-El made sand dunes with the sand tray based on something he saw on T.V. and I'm glad he felt free to do that. http://whatdidwedoallday.blogspot.com/2010/05/sand-dunes-and-sentences.html