Thursday, February 10, 2011

School Day

Who needs a school room when you can play "Memory" under the kitchen table?

Playing "I Spy" with objects in the "sh" bin. Today Me Too demonstrated the ability to identify an object by its initial sound when there were three objects to choose from. He also demonstrated the ability to identify an object according to its ending sound. We are finally getting a little closer to being ready for sandpaper letters.

Me Too started today with part of color box 2 (I had a bin prepared with only the "greens" because they are his favorite color). Afterwards, he asked for some presentations on "later" sensorial materials, specifically the binomial cube. I told him if he could show me that he knows how to do the red rods and the stereognostic bag we had out today I would show him how. Here he is checking his work on the red rods.

My organizational efforts finally uncovered our metal insets. Their reappearance inspired a lot of inset work today. I gave Me Too his first presentation on them. All of our "tripod grip" preparation with the Montessori materials and with our art materials seems to have paid off with Me Too as he was holding the little triangular colored pencils properly. He has a lot of trouble holding the inset and frame steady while he traces.

Check out Kal-El's "deep concentration" face:

Me Too vacuuming up what he described as "quite a mess" after hammering golf tees into foam:

Kal-El was so proud of his work matching labels to objects/pictures that have the "sh" sound that he asked me to photograph it when he was finished.

He is having intermittent difficulty differentiating the "sh" and "ch" sounds. Me Too worked for an hour in the school room today before Kal-El joined us. The "ch" bin was new. Kal-El was UPSTAIRS building train track. I came upstairs briefly to get Me Too some slippers and Kal-El said "You know what else has the "ch" sound? Chapstick." That child was learning from his little brothers work one floor and two rooms away from where we were working. How about that?

Kal-El is in a sensitive period for writing. After working with the "sh" bin today he got out bigger paper to phonetically spell "battleship." He spelled it "badlship" which reflects how he pronounces it.

I added the bases to our box of geometric solids today.
I realized that the bases that came with our set are not as Gettman describes them. My set came with the three stands for the curved-surface solids and also one of each of the following: square, circle, rectangle, equilateral triangle, and isosceles triangle.
Gettman describes three squares, two circles, two rectangles, and one of each of the triangles. He has the directress show the child how to place as many bases as will fit against the solid's sides. The cube, for example, will have a square under it and squares against two of its sides; the pyramid, for example, will have a square under it and the isosceles triangle against one of its sides. Does anyone have any experience with this and have any opinions on whether one square, circle, etc., are enough or do you think I should make additional pieces? What I can't figure out why they stopped at "three squares" when the could have made four or six? Why one isosceles triangle and not two or three? Thoughts? I need to see if there is a Homfray video on this.

Me Too did eventually get that presentation (two actually) on the binomial cube. He was not able to get it back in the box today. I remember Kal-El being the same way though. I'll just have to wait and see.

For those of you looking forward to the promised post on the insect is scheduled for tomorrow!

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  1. My school has the same et up with the geometric solids and bases as you do. An advantage is that it allows the child to make the leap in understanding about 3D shaped having more than 1 side and that in all shapes other than the cube there being more than 1 2D shape involved at their own pace. It doesn't always happen together

  2. I love the idea of matching actual objects instead of just pictures like you did with the "sh" table.

    If you ever have problems getting your little ones to eat check out she just started but looks like it will be great.