Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Building Things

My husband likes nothing better than to take the kids down to the basement to work with scrap wood and tools.

Saturday morning at breakfast Kal-El informed my husband that he would like to build a Transformer. No, not an electrical transformer, he meant a robot from the planet Cybertron capable of "transforming" from a robot to a vehicle and back.

He has not seen any cartoons or movies. He did, however, see a 30-second advertisement for the latest movie during the otherwise age-appropriate first quarter of this year's Superbowl. Apparently 30 seconds is all it takes to capture a little boy's imagination when transportation and robots are involved. He recently discovered an "I Can Read!" series of books about transformers at the library.

Undaunted, my husband grabbed a piece of art paper and jumbo crayon that was lying on the kitchen table and instantly drew a "blueprint." Shortly afterward, they were off to the hardware store. Like any man-trip to the hardware store it took several hours longer than I would have thought and was followed by a trip to the diner for pancakes.
When they returned home (finally) they retreated to the basement for several hours of "no Mommies allowed" work in the basement.

Kal-El reports that he was able to do all of the work himself except for cutting the legs with the electric jigsaw. He particularly enjoyed the sanding...

There was a lot of sawing involved. My husband finds a miter box helpful when young boys are sawing wood. It seems to improve their aim. And yes, that is the official "blueprint" drawn in orange jumbo crayon to the left of Kal-El.

And here is the finished project. It starts out as a tank...

...and transforms into a robot.

Later on Saturday afternoon while they were playing with the transformer my husband asked Kal-El "Is that transformer from the planet Cybertron?" Kal-El thoughtfully answered, "Well...his parts are all from the hardware store so he is from Home Depot."

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  1. I am seriously in awe. Your husband is a genius and it just shows that toolsare suitable for children if they are properly taught and supervised. Kal-El will love that toy far more than if you had gone to the shop and let him choose one. That's what I call a childhood. I feel like standing and applauding!!!

  2. Too cool! Nothing better than making your own toys! This is a lot better than the ones in the stores. DJ would love to do something like this. Thank you for sharing.