Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Glimpses of Our Weekend

We usually accomplish 2-3 three-hour (or longer) work periods in our school room each week. Although the "school room" is where our Montessori materials are stored our learning is in no way limited to that space. Likewise, the fact that we dedicate some time each week to being in that space does not mean that we only use the space during "school time." The boys wander in and use that space as they wish.

When we bought this house I was really excited about being able to store our materials someplace central to the home's floor plan. Our last learning space was at the far end of our previous home and was accessible only through the master bedroom. That was a good thing when they were little. It made it easier to isolate working with choking hazards to times that I was sure to be supervising. Now that they are older we are enjoying using the materials whenever the urge strikes.

My husband and I heard some odd noises from downstairs at about 6 a.m. Sunday morning. When my husband crept down to investigate he found this:

Here are some other glimpses of our "work" this weekend:

Playing with the new dump truck...

Kal-El with all of his "reading things" assembled...

Constructive Triangles, box one (homemade):

As is often the case when we reconstruct "practical life" experiences to put them "on the shelf" the boys were never particularly interested in the scissors exercises I put together for them. However, give them a real job that needs cutting and they cannot be stopped. Here Kal-El is cutting out his own cards to make a subject/predicate reading game:

Me Too thinks he is "helping too" but he only has my printer mishaps because Kal-El wouldn't trust him with the real thing.

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  1. That is so great that they feel free to "work" when they feel like it! It must mean that you have a really well prepared envoirmrnt! Its awesome!

  2. No way! A homemade constructive triangles box? You are Awesome! Thank you for sharing :)


  3. It's wonderful that the boys are drown to your clasroom. They are so independent ;-). I love the picture of your boy with all the reading materials I've got a similar picture of mine:-). I must say you are really an example to follow with so many homemade materials. Love reading your posts.