Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Office Makeover Days 1-5

Not only am I making some headway, but we are in love with the new color. It isn't showing up 100% accurately in the photos of course. It is Sherwin Williams "Cobble Brown" and if you can imagine the color of a Hershey bar you would be pretty spot on.

The pictures I am including only show one coat of brown on the walls. We obviously will need two coats. We were planning on adding wainscoting to the bottom half and painting that all white. I tried out the color without the wood on the wall behind the piano and we are not sold. My husband really likes the existing "dollar store liquid foundation color" but the two together make me think "UPS Man." We are loving the brown so much that I think we are going to stick with the white trim and just do the same chocolate brown both above and below the chair rail.

Here is our "inspiration photo" for the wainscoting:

I think both could be nice, but for now we are going to try the brown. If you want to leave your two cents in the comments please feel free. Repainting the walls isn't a big deal. It's the trim that is a bear.

The drywall is all patched. The ceiling is painted (one coat...woo hoo!). I am busy painting woodwork at this point. Going from dark, 1970's oak (or grey as the case may be) to bright white is taking a coat of primer and THREE coats of paint (yes, I'm using good quality paint). I am NOT having fun. All of visitors keep saying "oh! you must like painting." NO. I just like getting things DONE. Painting walls is fun. Ceilings and woodwork are for the birds. The cabinet doors are going to be miserable.

In addition to the work in the office I am painting some of the woodwork in the foyer. In particular I am focusing on the large triangle of brown under the steps. I have left the railing and treads brown. I hope to stain them a little darker (black? espresso?) in the future.


  1. Wow! You are SO busy! I'm sure that you will figure out the color that you need. Are you painting it White white, or off white? I really like Sherwin Williams Navaho White. Its a warmer white with a hit of red. It might look good with your brown. I cant really tell though from the pictures! :) Let us know how it goes! Good Luck!

  2. THANK YOU Stephanie! You got my wheels turning. I looked at that color on the online Sherwin Williams color selector first. It looked almost identical to the color I used in this room on the ceiling. In reality, it is much closer to the color in the hallway (SW Toasted Pine Nut). However, it got me thinking about that ceiling color. Then our 14 yo babysitter suggested that color as well. I tried it and it's perfect.

    Thanks :)

  3. I'm glad my suggestion helped! :) I cant wait to see pictures of the final product! Its going to look awesome!

  4. I had another thought today. Maybe if the white was up further on the wall like the inspiration picture it would block it out different and you would like that look. R.

  5. R. I think you are right. It probably has something to do with the proportions. I wound up putting our ceiling color on the lower walls and am loving it. I'll save the wainscoting for the hallway and stairwell. Our new front door will be here in about 3 weeks :) The painter called today and should be able to paint the stairwell ceiling and upper walls soon. I'll ask him about our drywall problems in the family room and master when he comes. Making some progress I guess.

  6. Even if you do not like painting, you definitely got things DONE! Good luck with your office makeover and keep up the good work =)