Wednesday, March 30, 2011

School Day

Kal-El's cast was removed on Monday! He is walking like he has a peg leg and his pants are little worse for wear from all the crawling around. We are just happy he is healed and will be running around again soon.

I put out a few more Easter-themed works this week. Both boys enjoyed working with them today.

It is easy to turn out pattern strips for any occasion. I like to keep laminated blank strips on hand. I pick up themed sticker packs when they are inexpensive. It is a good idea to get two packs so it is easier to make interesting patterns. Kal-El had a lot of success with this...

Me Too not so much...

I made some Easter Bunny number cards to freshen up Me Too's cards and counters work.

The boys don't know that the little chocolate eggs I set out for counters are edible. I hope it stays that way.

Me Too likes to shout "odd!" every time he comes up with an odd number.

They both enjoyed this visual discrimination exercise that involves matching Easter eggs.

The pieces are small enough to stow away in a little plastic Easter egg.

Me Too pulled out the pink tower extensions.

He still has a lot of "questions" when he works on the trinomial cube but is making a lot of progress.

During "reading time" this week we have been working on double letters at the end of words (ss, ll, gg, zz, ff, dd, tt). I made him a little book called "egg toss" that used a lot of words in this theme. Today we worked on the "ck" combination at the end of words. He wrote words like "quack" "pick" and "rock" with our two movable alphabets and on our chalkboard. He was excited to realized he now knew how to spell "ick," "uck," and "yuck."

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  1. Such great work ideas! I love how you always have new works. Your boys always seem to work so well, do you ever have times where they are just not interested in any work? The last few days my daughter has been uniterested in any work that I have out and she doesnt finish the work that she does pick. I just didnt know if this is something that anyone expiriances. :)

  2. Looks like a great week! I bet *everyone* in the family is glad to have that cast off. You should start posting these over on my Montessori Mondays - you can add a post any day of the week. ;)

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