Thursday, March 3, 2011

Waiting for Rainbows

When I hung this prism in the school room window my hope was to provide a jumping off point for learning about rainbows and maybe some vocabulary (prism, refraction). I did not know how much fun it would be!

The first few days were disappointing because we still have a lot of grey, gloomy, sunless days here. After a couple days we kind of forgot about it. Finally we had a sunny morning and Me Too happened to casually wander into our school room and came bursting out with excitement. He said there were colors everywhere.

The boys have never resisted spending time in the school room, but I have to say going in to "check for rainbows" has been a delightful way to begin our mornings in there. The rainbows dancing around the room have really made our work time cheerful.

Kal-El has already memorized the order of colors in a rainbow and the boys enjoy looking for particularly large examples in order to check for all of the colors.

We are waiting for a sunny day on a weekend so that Daddy (the good photographer) can take some pictures of the room full of rainbows to post.


  1. It's funny to see your snowy scene here...we live in Florida and have been having 85 degree weather. So, we should definitely procure a prism!

    Would you be willing to share your daily/weekly schedule on here? I am curious what other young Montessori homeschoolers' days look like.


  2. Well that made my day. Auntie R